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Thread: A Little Diaper Help?

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    Default A Little Diaper Help?

    This thread was probably started a million times before.

    Anyway, I pretty much have no idea about diapers at all, but I really want to learn about them.

    My boyfriend is an AB/DL and has only worn Depends. I wanted to surprise him with a good diaper, but I'm not sure what one would be the best.

    I'm asking you nice, wonderful people to give the diaper lowdown. I want the good, the bad, and whatever else needs to be said about a particular brand of diaper.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Abena X-Plus would probably be the most of peoples answer as they are thick and thirsty but if you want him to go down that babyish treatment route then I say check out ABU Cushies.

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    I'll say this upfront, everyone has their own opinion on the best diaper so there isn't really a brand that everyone chooses.

    That said, I'm a fan of Bambino's products. My favorite diaper that I've tried is their Bellisimo because it has a cute tape on the front and is super absorbent but it's a bit pricey so my everyday diaper choice would be their Teddies. They are a slight step down in absorbency but they're a little bit more affordable. Both are available on Bambino's website with free shipping: Click me

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    Wanted to say that you're very sweet to think of him in this way. Personally, I'm okay with Depends for light wear but there are much better ones out there and variety is wonderful. You've gotten responses above that cover most of the bases. I'd add Molicares and Dry 24/7 to that list (both of which can be had from XP Medical, a supplier that enjoys a very good reputation in the community).

    The unfortunate bit is that we won't be able to tell you which one is the best as it's a personal thing and the things that make one person love a premium diaper might be the thing that would make someone else find it lacking. It's fun to try different ones, though. If you can establish some preferences, it'll make things a bit easier. If thickness is most important, Dry 24/7 has a slight edge and generally speaking the highest capacity (there's always a bit of quibbling). My problems with them is the lack of a taping panel and that the sizes run large (their medium used to be their large). If having some kind of AB diaper is the most pressing thing, then it would be diapers either from ABU or Bambino. Bambinos have the best marriage of practicality and cuteness (Bellissimos being their highest capacity product) for the price while the ABU diapers seem to be preferred for the prints and single tapes but have lower capacity. Abenas provide a range of quality diapers (capacities ranging 1-4 in the various sizes) for a fair price. The 4s are near the top of the scale for any adult diaper.

    If you find that he prefers faux cloth covering on his disposables, everything changes. Most low quality diapers available in stores have already changed to that and most of the higher quality brands one can order have a line or lines of that kind. Look for words like "breathable" in the description if it's not clear. ABU is the only company currently offering a cloth covered AB disposable and people seem quite happy with it. Personally, I don't care to do business with ABU but their products fill a niche in the market.

    Real cloth is a whole other animal and without additional information I don't think you need to get into that. Most of us who like disposables have at best marginal interest in cloth but every now and again it can turn out to be the favorite, so it's something to consider longer term.

    If I had to recommend something, I think I'd suggest Bambinos. Their baseline products (Bianco, Classico, and Teddy) are pretty much the same in terms of capacity so it's just whatever one might want on the diaper if anything. Bellissimos are like a super-charged version of the baseline which is already pretty high capacity. They're quite nice but I wouldn't want to wear one for a short period as there's no way to get it anywhere near full use. Good luck with your choice and I hope your boyfriend appreciates your efforts

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