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Thread: New ABUniverse Diaper Poll

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    Exclamation New ABUniverse Diaper Poll

    Theres a poll up at ABuniverse for those of you who dont get the newsletter.

    To vote for their next diaper design.

    the options are

    A. Babyfur design
    B. Sissy/Girly-girl Design
    C. Plain White one tape

    Furry is winning so far, i personally prefer it that way too, cuz at least with furry diapers everyone can wear them :P lol

    I just they make it an all over print and not just the tape panel and i also hope for the love of god that they put a godamn waistband on it!

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    I voted for Baby fur...I have a pile of unused Teddies...I hope to get through them one day...a furry design would be really fun...

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    voted for a sissy or girls one, its about time the girls had some diapers for themselves.

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    I hope the Babyfur one wins!

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    I really really would like a pink diaper (finally!!!!!) but the baby fur one could be used by everyone because hey, who does't like cute animals!

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    I'm definitely for the baby fur design but it would still be cool if they still made the sissy design even though I probably wouldn't get it.

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    I voted for the babyfur design, I wish they'd give us pictures though. It's nice that they ask for opinions though, not too many companies do that.

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