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    well i was just wondering cause have been eating alot of fast food lately >.< im such a fattty but anyways...

    like how often do you usuallly eat fast food? and whats your favorite place or what do you usually like to get....

    i probably eat maybe 3-5 times a week gah i knjow but thats al i have time to eat! and for specifics i dont care i just ask if someone is going to get food and tag along....usually pick up a burger *shrugs*

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    I rarely eat fast food, mostly because I don't like it. I would rather cook a good burger out on my grill. I had a homestyle chicken wrap at Wendy's a while back, and it was surprisingly good. I also like Long John Silver's. But fast food is usually high in calories and fat, so I avoid it.

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    Yeah, I used to love fast food but I've learned that there are such better places to get a burger than McDonald's or Burger King or Wendy's. I wouldn't consider Five Guys fast food (no drive-through, and you get a number instead of your food being given to you right there), but you can get an awesome burger with boardwalk fries in about 5 minutes there.

    If I have to get fast food though, my vote would be for McDonald's or Wendy's. McDonald's because their fries are awesome, and Wendy's for the chicken nuggets and caesar salads.

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    Does dorm cafeteria food count? It's probably way worse for you than any fast food...

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    Not a big burger person, especially fast food... but I LOVE Arby's and Taco Bell. Oh, and KFC too!

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    Pretty much the only fast food I eat is Taco Bell, which I honestly probably have too much, at about once a week. Honestly, I think I'm just addicted to their chicken chalupas and Baja Blast. And, every once in a while, I'll go to Arby's for one of their Market Fresh wraps, and maybe a Jamocha shake, but that's maybe once every other month or so. I guess I really tend to stick to the same thing whenever I go either place, which might be why I don't go that much - so that I won't burn myself out on it.

    If I happen to be feeling like having a burger and can't wait until I get home, then pretty much the only place I'll go for those is Hardee's, but that is extremely rare... I may have been there twice this year. Their fries are also really good, though. I actually went to McDonald's for the first time in years a few weeks ago, because that's where my friends wanted to go, and it wasn't too bad, but I found that I'd lost my taste for their fries, I think largely because I'd had Hardee's fries for the first time since the last time I'd eaten at a McDonald's.

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    when ever i go out and eat it makes me feel so fat maybe 2-3 times a week last month i gained 2 pounds! 2! 2! 128 pounds *sigh*

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    I could eat at Harvey's every day. They make amazing burgers, and they make it in front of you, too. I only have Harvey's like once every year, though. As for fast food in general, I only eat it once a month. I certainly can't afford to eat out more than that.

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    I'm a New Yorker, I run on this stuff.

    Breakfast: Two Bacon/Egg/Cheese bagel sandwiches, 4 hashbrowns, and a large orange juice. (McDonalds) This is always my breakfast!

    Lunch: Depends. If I want something from the Pizzeria --> 2 beef patties with cheese, and a slice of Buffalo Chicken Pizza.
    If I want some fast food, I'd usually go for Wendy's or Taco Bell.

    Dinner: Always something healthy that my grandfather cooks up here at home.

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    I used to eat fast food pretty often now I just cook stuff myself at home its overall cheaper anyway.

    As foor the fast food places I go to here's a list. Popeye's chicken,Wendy's, Sonic, Jack in the box,Arby's and sometimes KFC or burger king. I should add Carl's Jr. to the list however.

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