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    Default A note.

    On Friday nght, I found a note on a train that I was working on.

    It said:

    To the person who finds this note,

    I'm writing this to clear my mind, possably to look for advice.
    After you have read this, you may wish to destory it or maybe pass it on, or maybe leave it where it is.

    Maybe if you feeling creative wish to make a plane or a crane or whatever,

    If you do destory I would be quite upset.

    Anyway if you read this far a thank you for reading this.

    Melina aka someone aka someone.
    I don't remember it fully since I did't take it. I just had to destoy it.

    My reason for this thread is: If you wanted to write something to clear your mind or whatever, What would you say?

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    I like the idea of this... One anonymous person communicating to another with a short note... I'd probably ask questions.

    Why are you reading this note?
    What did you expect to find, to read?
    Some sort of insight into the mind of another?
    Did you really like Kid A?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post
    Did you really like Kid A?
    Don't be ridiculous

    I write on my desks and see if the person there is cool enough to write me something back.

    On topic, I don't write to clear my mind, usually I listen to music. I've never really tried it, though... I'll tell you if I do

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    I routinely write music to clear my mind. It works very well from my experience and it makes some pretty depressing thoughts sound a little happier when paired with music.

    And yes, I did really like Kid A to say the least.

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    If Kid A is named Yawgmoth then hell ya I liked him.

    Anyways I can't make sense of that note and its now going to haunt me for the rest of my life, thank you. Oh also now I got to print it out 50 times and spread them all across town. I suggest everyone else do the same.

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