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Thread: Parents got order!!!

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    Default Parents got order!!!

    2days ago I ordered a sample pack from XP Medical, as some of u may know. Well it turns out 7 day ground is 1 day for me...and the box was delivered today on a Saturday. Worst part is I wasnt home (not fair!). For some unkown reason one of my parents opened the package, I know this from seeing the box and its contents in my parents closet OPENED. Here's my situation, I don't know who opened it, but i fear only my idiot father would open a package addressed to my mom. Also, whoever opened it didn't open a diaper, so maybe they don't know what it is? Worst part, I'm an easy suspect for online stuff. Should I repare for hell, lay-low, watch my prize then take it when the time is right, or confront-oh I don't know who it is xD- Please someone guide me through this, even though I'm screwed already.

    Bye for most likely a long while T_T

    P.S. I advise anyone ordering diapers to stay home for their order, despite awesome airshows with friends.

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    Was the package addressed to you or your parents? Either way, I would lay low for a while and see if they bring it up at all.

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    Wow, that is a bad one. It sounds like the package was addressed to your mom? Perhaps your dad thought it was for her and put it in her closet. You have to think positively about the situation.

    Have your parents caught you in the past with anything DL or TB related? If not, they won't suspect you unless you give it away. I would lay low and and act like you don't know anything. Clear the computer of all history and websites visited, and end it there.

    Lastly, that's one thing people should know about XP Medical. FedEx consistently delivers packages from them on Saturday's, so they must select the Saturday delivery option when shipping their packages. Sorry I wasn't able to give you a heads up on that beforehand!

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    Well unless they know you like diapers, theres still many ways to get out of this. Tell them you were going to use them for a practical joke or something silly like that.

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    Ooh, this is tough. First, why was the package addressed to your mom? My dad and stepmother will often open each other's packages. If it was addressed to your mom because she knew you were ordering it, I'd go to her and ask her to help you get the diapers back. But I'm guessing she didn't, because you wouldn't be freaking out so much if she knew.

    Does your mom have elderly parents nearby? It's possible your dad thought she ordered them for them. Otherwise, your dad might be thinking she has an incontinence problem, which is not all that uncommon for middle-aged fact, she may well really have one.

    Anyway, I'm not quite sure what to tell you. I know you really want your diapers and I'm assuming the sample cost you some money, but if you take any, that will arise suspicion. How many brothers and sisters do you have? I would just keep an eye on the diapers for awhile; check them whenever nobody's home to see if they've been opened, if any are disappearing, etc. If they go untouched for several weeks it may be safe to take them; if the package gets opened you could gradually sneak them out.

    Good luck.

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    Ah! When I saw this thread, I misread it as being "Parents got older"... no wonder why I thought none of these messages made no sense.

    I don't know. Blame it on me [ say some random kid from the internet sent them to you, because they thought that you were really old ]

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    Quote Originally Posted by tgn View Post
    say some random kid from the internet sent them to you...
    the best thing to do is lay low and don't mention it. other wise it'll look like you were expecting it. If they ask you say you have no idea where there from.

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    Ouch. Unless you can be sure of getting it safely, I simply say don't order while you live with parents. My parents are almost never out and until now have ordered things I need. If I ordered something they would be suspicious and check it, and there is no time they are out of the house so I can't sneak it past them.

    As for what to do - relax. Make a plan about what to do if you are confronted. If you aren't confronted don't tell them while there is a possibility they haven't realised what it was. If you are confronted there are a number of things to make obvious. One, what this means for you - a website can be helpful but if you can explain it yourself that makes it personal. Also, it is perfectly safe, you are not a paedophile, and you aren't going to go round flaunting it. These are three of the concerns your parents will most likely have.

    Just stay calm and be prepared. It is in your best interests not to tell them if they haven't realised, but to get them to understand, even if acceptance is impossible, if they have. And most of all, be more careful with ordering next time.

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    Um... dude... you do realise that they ship from california... so ground would be one day for you.

    Check where your diapers are coming from next time... you will see how long it takes them to arrive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    Um... dude... you do realise that they ship from california... so ground would be one day for you.

    Check where your diapers are coming from next time... you will see how long it takes them to arrive.
    Not only that but he's maybe less then 100 miles from XP Medical itself. I am central California and it only takes 2 or 3 days to get it. Anyways if I were you and my name was on the package I would just ask for it and not say anything else unless asked and then I would confront them with the truth. Of course I would prepare for the latter before you ask for your rightful property back.

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