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Thread: What is the best diaper type?

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    Default What is the best diaper type?

    What is the best diaper brand?

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    This question would be better posted in the Diaper Talk subforum.

    To answer your question, it is down to personal preference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PullupKid View Post
    This question would be better posted in the Diaper Talk subforum.

    To answer your question, it is down to personal preference.
    Don't think that answers his question what so ever? Care to elaborate?? Think he wanted more specific replies than being told personal preference, what is your preferred type?

    Personally I like to wear your typical baby diapers with tapes, even though it's a squeeze! Just something about baby ones makes it feel so much better to me! Specifically would be Pampers. Adult brand would be Tena, not sure if they are available in the America.

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    There are all kinds of diapers but I like bambino and abena xplus. It all comes down to what you like in a diaper. Unfortunately bambino and abena can be expensive.

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    I like gauze cloth ones at night and sometimes during the day. If I am going on a trip I like disposables, Tena or Depend.

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    For Disposable - Absorbancy goes to Dry 24/7 or Fabine(If any are still out there), Overall use goes to Abena or Bambino, Cuteness goes to Bambino or Cushies, Price:Results goes to Abena or Dry 24/7(Though these are quite thick, and not the best for everyday use if you move a lot)

    As far as cloth goes - That's your own call. Comes down to your needs.

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    Depends on your interests and needs. The best for some is discretion, while other need absorbancy, still others want cute and fun. If you need raw aborbancy then dry 24/7 is the thickest diaper (other than cloth), store brands are usually the cheapest, tranquility is usually the loudest, ABU and Bambino each have various AB/TB designs many find adorable but cute is in the eye of the beholder. It is all up to you, What are you looking for and what do you need?

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    I wear because of incontinence so I need them 24/7. I've tried a few sample ones and I've come to the following conclusions:

    I prefer cloth-backed
    I prefer a slightly slimmer one rather than a maximum-absorbency one. I'd rather change more often than cope with the extra bulk
    The quieter the better
    I don't want cutesy patterns or prints

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    That depends. What are you looking for, store brand, online, cute designs? Give us something to work on, mate.

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