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    Hello Fellow ADSICers!

    I am on the hunt for some Lolita shoes/boots for a costume I am putting together and I am having a tough time finding shoes in my size 11.5 (US WOMENS), Can any of you recommend a good place that might sell the more cutesy Lolita shoes in my size ( example: Sweet Gothic Punk KERA LOLITA DOLLY Pump heels 2.5" 4colors 5.5-9.5, 34-41 | eBay

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    Hi, DangerKitsune. I can't be any help to you with finding the shoes, but I will be watching this thread for information. Until I clicked on the link, in the thread about Schoolgirl Uniforms, I did not know anything about ' Lolita shoes '. After seeing the photos of them, I definately want some. They are so cute. I would like to get several pairs, if I could find them in a size to fit me. Good luck in your search. Please let me know if you find a supplier.

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    i had read this thread and i just didn't know what on earth you were talking about. dumb me, i didn't think of poking the link to see if there was a picture.....
    so i was noticing this other thread in teen-babys about guys falling for "Lolita's" and again, i couldn't figure out what that was. so this time i google-ed Lolita. and Oh Wow! it dawns on me when i see the first picture; i used to dress like that (both sweet and goth styles) and go out to gay drag-bars and wonder why i would get into trouble (the good kind). i didn't know then or now that there was a name for it..... in fact, i still have a very nice par of "powerpuff girls Maryjane's" .... and an almost new par of all lace knee-high black leather blunt-toe boots. i guess from what i was reading that the look really turns heads more today then it did 12 years ago...... might have to get some new clothes to go with the shoes and the few things i have left from back then.

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    For the record, I found that Pleaser brand shoes seem to be in the style I wanted and my size. The ones I bought are GOTHIKA-09, 3 1/2" P/F Blk Pu Shoe: Shoes IF I remember to do so, I will update this post when they get in and comment on the fit ...etc.

    Thank you for the comments.

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    I buy my shoes here: Deichmann . They sell till UK size 10.

    That would bei their exquivalent: Strap Court - Shoes - Ladies - Deichmann


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