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Thread: Why isn't cloth more popular among TBs and young AB's?

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    Default Why isn't cloth more popular among TBs and young AB's?

    I prefer disposables, but cloth diapers are so much cheaper and easier to attain. I have been wearing Abena M3s and Dry24/7s for about a year now but have recently tried wearing some old towels and plastic pants. Towels are cheap and readily available. Why bother trying to get disposables? All you have to hide is the plastic pants. My new goal is to figure out a guide for making plastic pants for TBs. Although I love my Dry 24/7, cloth is still pretty good. Cloth is infinately better than baby diapers or depends. Is there some magical difference between an old towel and a regular nappy that I am missing? As a DL I prefer disposable, but as an AB I am really having a hard time choosing.

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    Well i know for most is how can they explain why they have a bunch of soiled Towels needing to get washed compared to disposables that you can toss in the trash and be out of site out of mind.

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    Yeah, unless you are able to wash all your soiled towels without people knowing, I can see how disposables would be much more convenient.

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    Basically as everyone is pointing out, cloth is much harder to clean if you live with parents or it is secret. i do agree its so cheap and easy, also i ahve to mention that the ease of disposal with disposables. Also the fact that some people just like disposals as today its much more used, if not always used now.

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    ...and the WAY more obvious reason, that we don't associate cloth diapers with our childhood.

    It's the same reason that male-identifying AB's prefer blue to pink, even though historically pink was a boy colour and blue was a girl colour until about 100 years ago. We are attracted to what we were exposed to as children.

    I really don't care for cloth, as it doesn't seem "babyish" to me at all, since I've only seen them as an adult.

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    My guess is that most of us don't have the ability to hide/maintain cloth diapers if we still live with family since they take a considerable amount of work compared to buying, using, bagging, and tossing a disposable.

    I'm sure that if you could develop a decent process that lets younger memebers make cloth makeshifts their popularity would erupt among the members who can't go out and buy disposables. However being able to create something robust enough and functional to some extent out of ordinary household items is a somewhat daunting proposition.

    Good luck should you pursue it. =D

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    cloth diapers are expensive, and hard to clean as some have stated. for one or two adult cloth diapers, it costs the same if not more then two packs of bambino's. Then you have to constantly care for them to avoid stains.

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    Part of it is convenience, disposables are much more convenient. But they are also more expensive and can be harder to obtain. So it's a tradeoff.

    The other part of it is it's an attraction. I personally really like disposable diapers, but find NO attraction at all to cloth. Many here are that way. Though some are the opposite, and some don't care. It's been discussed repeatedly, many trace it back to what they remember from their childhood, so for them it depends somewhat on the age of the DL.

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    Its not just the convenience, for a lot of ppl its the feel, I for one can't feel all the way like a baby with a cloth diaper because I never wore cloth as a diaper..

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    I can understand cloth diapers not being popular if you need to hide your interest in diapers, etc. You would have to wash them a lot and take a lot of care of them, so it wouldn't be easy to hide.

    I have always wanted to buy some cloth diapers and try them out, at least to see what it's like. Although I haven't had a chance to try cloth, I am thinking that I might prefer disposable. I think I wore cloth diapers as a baby though. It would make sense. My dad is kind of cheap and likes to save money whenever possible. So I might end up liking cloth more when I try them.

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