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Thread: Going to college soon and need some advice

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    Default Going to college soon and need some advice

    Ok so I just turned 17 and I will be attending college next fall up in Durango Colorado. So getting my own place is oh of the question... So I'll be staying at the dorm. I really want to try wearin 24/7 but need ideas to help with changing and disposing... I have flannel and cloth diapers that I use... So any ideas to help with washing. I figured with smell I could leave a cut apple out to absorb the smell... But main problem, Roommates, I mean it's college.. Who would care if they have a DL staying with them :/ so any help would be accepted... I've worn 24/7 at home for a month and it went buy smoothly so I'm guessing its not so diffrent

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    youll get teased most likely leave it to personal time do not let anyone know just my opinion

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    Storing and wearing diapers in a dorm isn't all that difficult. But wearing 24/7 could be a problem. The problem I've found with having a roommate is that they can come into the room anytime without warning. So you would really need to know your roommate's schedule. If I were you I would wait a couple weeks before you attempt this, so you can determine when and how often your roommate will actually be in your room.
    Disposable diapers aren't hard to get rid of. Just put each one in a plastic bag and put them all in a trash bag with the rest of your trash.
    One thing to keep in mind about disposables though is the fact that you'll have to carry them to the laundry room and back. Plus you'll have to hide the smell of them until they can be washed.

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    If you are fortunate as I was, your roomate will be a very predictable fellow. It helps if you casually inquire as to his class schedule. I imagine it's likely you will be free during a class period which he is not, and so you have virtually guarenteed (unless he is a slacker) windows of time where you can take care of washing, disposal, and diapering if it overlaps. To me, this was an indespensible discovery of when to have my "personal time."

    Whether you have a suite with it's own restroom or if you share shower facilities with the whole dorm hall, you can also change discreetly by going to the restroom fully clothed. (with a fresh diaper sandwiched in your towel and perhaps some talc powder in your toiletry bag) While entering the shower stall, disrobe of course, and just turn on the shower and get clean, followed exiting and drying off while the shower is still running, and then diapering under the safe sound cover of the running shower faucet. Dress again, and you are home free.

    Happy to pass on a few tricks I learned as an occasionally diapered college student combined with other advice that I've since read about and liked. Try to enjoy school.

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    if you haven't filled all the paperwork out for dorm living yet there is usually a spot or check box for special accommodations/ medical stuff, if your not embarrassed about it just put bed wetting and you Will probably be paired with someone with a similar issue or if available a single room, if you do get stuck with a roommate you can always set up one of those room divider things for more privacy.

    for laundry time if your going to be using cloth (which I recommend for night when alone as its a bit more bulky) get a wet bag or a contained system for your room, wash/rinse when you shower and throw in a wet bag till laundry day.

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    This past year I lucked out with not having a room mate, I had one on paper but he actually never showed up. I am signed up for a room mate in the fall and all I have to say is try to be discrete about it. I got caught over Thanksgiving break as I was stuck there as I was being careless. As for going 24/7 most people will not notice that you are wearing around the campus.

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    Learn your roommates schedule first off. Secondly I would switch to disposables as you don't have a store the dirty ones. Lastly just get a private room I've had one for college my entire time, but also there aren't any dorms on campus except for freshman under 15 hours of credit when you start that year. Instead we get apartments with private rooms, 2 person bathroom sharing, washer/dryer and full kitchen for 800 a month

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