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Thread: Dec. 21st 2012

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    Default Dec. 21st 2012

    According to the ancient mayan calendar the world is supposed to end on this date and a whole bunch of really bad weather will punish all of earth, the land will become chaotic,and the world be be hit by giant meteor ending all of life as we know it

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    They didn't say it'd be the end of the world, it's just the end of their calendar. They said something important would happen on this date.

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    The world was suppose to end so many times in the past, but you never know, I wouldn't go giving anything away the day before.

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    Ooooh, this is going to be so fun tomorrow when I post my article I've been writing about the end of the world. stay tuned.

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    it could be but hey remember in 1999 when everybody was saying Y2K and all that? it didnt come so if all these false alarms have come before why beleive it? (Boy who cryed wolf reference)

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    ok for anyone that has ever studied Maxica (masheaka) culture also knows as Mayan, THough this is not the name they called thems self. This is only the day of the end of the calander. At this point and time the Maxica would distroy all the things that they owned, and make them anew it was a ritual day of rebirth and rejuvination not of the world ending

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    You know, the Spanish destroyed most of the records.... so, we can only assume. But then, everything else happened.

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