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Thread: Diaper Complaints

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    It seems like the only people that complain about diapers either leaking or the tapes not sticking are over weight. I have never had a problem with tapes coming off even with depend. I think for the most part when diapers leak its because they did not put them on right. The problem is with the person not the diaper. My thought is maybe you should loose a little weight and you wouldn't have that problem. Often times people won't buy large or extra large because they have a hard time realizing that they are over weight. Its no wonder the tapes wont work if you wear a diaper that to small when you could have just as easily got large. What does every one else think?

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    I think you have a lot of balls...

    I like it.

    Lol no but seriously, I agree with you completely, I've never had leaking problems unless I'm laying down or using a really cheap diapers, and I've never had problems with the tapes unless I bought a size too small or got a factory faulty batch (which has only happened one time in which I received a pack of medium cushies where the left tape of every single diaper in that pack didn't stick)

    I strongly believe people should just attempt to lose a little weight.

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    Your assumption that everyone with a tape problem is overweight is asinine. I am not overweight by any means and comfortably fit into medium diapers of all brands - I am 5'9" and 140 lbs - I have encountered tape problems primarily with bambino as I don't think the tape attaches far enough on the back panel and so sometimes as the diaper stretches or swells those tapes have a tendency to pull off. It has nothing to do with my body - it is a design flaw of the diaper. I never had a problem with the Cushies - and really I don't with most diapers - but you do make a rather broad assumption based on your personal experience - so just have to point out that for everyone with your experience, there is someone with mine.

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    Bud, I weight 240lb, used to be 325lb, never had a problem with tapes or leaking with medium to high grade diapers except for occasional minor to major MFGR defects (yes, the left tape never quite right in one case, or the batch with the upper right tape pre permastuck to the bottom of the diaper right out of the bag in another. and, I've been quite comfortably wearing medium sized diapers for years, BTW, I am 6'4" and only slightly overweight for my height, that comment was extremely insulting, how about I call you stick boy? like my little brother? 6'4" also but only 130lb? who has the opposite thyroid issue I have. to put it nicely, go fly a kite.
    Simple fact is also, bigger the person (mass only) the more urine produced. often with bigger bladders as well do the math

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    I personally don't think weight has much to do with it. Diapers that are undersize will be difficult to get a safe fit in. Diapers that are either the correct size, OR are oversize I believe both can be made safe, but require different approaches to taping, in other words I blame the user's technique.

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    I think you decided to open a potentially very controversial/aggressive topic that deals more with loose correlation than an abundance of research? If you have any metrics that back up your claim I would certainly be interested to see them.

    I think the primary causes of tape failure are the same as they have traditionally been, powder and oil getting on the tapes and interacting with the adhesive. I don't deny that wearing a diaper that doesn't fit well or trying to tape too tightly greatly increases the risk of tape failures.

    Personally I'm all for physical fitness and not being overweight. I'm sitting at about 175 lbs right now and I absolutely hate it. My favorite weight to be at is about 160 which is what I weighed at the start of my sophomore year of college. Typically if my weight stays at 165 I'm fairly happy with it. I haven't gotten around to dropping the 10-15 lbs which I don't want yet, which is mildly iritating to me. However that is mainly because I haven't had the time to work out and make an effort to drop the weight.

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    I personally think that unless someone has a glandular or thyroid problem, excersize should be attempted, but that's another thread.

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    Tapes have come undone on me or ripped off and I am not over weight. I am normal weight. Plus diapers have leaked on me too and they fit me fine. They were either defective diapers or shitty diapers or I waited too long to change. So I can't agree with you.

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    Do I smell Troll somewhere?

    Over the thousands on nappies I have gone through I found definitely found batches that have faulty tapes (often as part of an upgrade) and have also found some tapes like on the Vlesi that unstick if you stick them on the plastic covering fluff pulp that gets wet.

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    Usually tapes come unstuck for me but that's about it. Never filled up a diaper to bust it yet and though they have leaked on me, it's my fault because I was testing how much they would hold.

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