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Thread: Mood Swings

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    Lightbulb Mood Swings

    Does anyone have these? I remember developing advanced political/religous theories, haveing a panic attack and experienceing a natural high all in a period of four hours.

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    I'm a girl, with a period, do the math.

    Erm So yeah, I have major mood swings every so often. Really bitchy, then happy, then angry, then sad. It's ridiculous.

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    Yes, very much so. I'll feel happy for seemingly no reason, then sad, then angry, then apathetic, and so on. It kind of sucks, I've noticed a pattern, though. I'm more likely to be happy in the morning, and I'm more likely to be upset at night. Weird. I think a lot of teenagers - boys and girls - experience mood swings while going through puberty. I'm a pretty rational and levelheaded person, so I think as I mature I'll become more emotionally stable.

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    It depends on who I'm surrounded by and what time it is. When I'm with my friends I'm happy (obviously I think), and after awhile of hanging out with them I get this kind of chill feeling. When I'm going through school I get depressed at how studious everyone is yet I'm the only person who can't focus on the reading for more than five minutes. In other classes I hate some of my classmates who think they're smarter than they are. I want to smack some people and imagine myself yelling at them . After school I feel tired (totally worn out) while driving home but wake up and lighten up after I get a snack and sit down at the computer. After talking with person on Skype I always feel better. By the time I get to bed I'm resigned to the fact that it'll all work out for the better, which is a good outlook to have before you go to bed

    So my mood is pretty much a day-to-day thing. It has a routine, even throughout the year! During autumn I feel pretty melancholy. During winter I feel depressed. During spring I feel happy, and during the summer it changes from day-to-day.

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    Yeah, I get these as well. I actually have a psychologist that I see who has helped a lot with them. Like Maverick, I tend to be better in the morning and worse in the evening, but it all depends on how the day goes. I could be having a terrible morning and then have a great day and it be totally reversed.

    I too think a lot of people experience these growing up. It's all a part of it I think.

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    Well I've been around for a while, and I still get them. Of course I have gone through a lot with my wife's declining health, and so I know that most of my depression is because of that. But there are also times that I have panic attacks, and sometimes they come with now warning, and almost always at night. I stay busy during the day because of work, but particularly on the week end, I'll often have an almost overwhelming depression attack. Sometimes I wonder if it's brain chemistry. Since I know it can be cause by something like that, I don't usually react to it, but I have to be careful about how I treat myself. And as I age, I know that one day my wife will die, and then I will be next. It's a lot to think about. There are also different songs and a whole array of different musical entities that will make me depressed, so most of the time I avoid them, but sometimes I must revisit them. I guess that would make a good thread topic, and sometime if I have the time to stick with the site and answer the posts, and will post it. And lastly....very funny Pojo... I can always use a good laugh, and laughter is how I often combat my occasional depressive feelings.

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    Certainly when I was younger (maybe a couple of years).
    Depressed to happy to sleepy to grumpy to annoyed to puzzled to enlightened to hungry to agitated to paranoid to horny to panicky to hyper to aggressive to angry to hateful to sad to crying to calm to spaced-out to lonely to depressed...

    It sucked. I think my mood swings have died down quite a bit now. No real advice for mood swings because it's just part of puberty, just ignore or don't worry about them.

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    When I was a mere sapling of 11 years old, and I was hearing about all these scary things that I would turn into as I entered puberty, I promised myself to remain rational and calm if I ever experienced a mood swing.

    It worked.

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