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Thread: Tapes coming undone?!

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    Default Tapes coming undone?!

    Hey, so I use the UK brand cuddlz, they're very absorbent and overall great!

    But recently, for some reason, the tapes just come undone. Like, I'll put one on standing up, move for a couple of minutes,s ometimes seconds and the tapes just come undone. I put tape over the tapes to keep them in place but somehow the tapes slip out from under them...

    I just don't understand it! Does anybody have any ideas?

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    I don't know what kind of tape you're using to reinforce the diaper tapes. But when I need to reinforce diaper tapes, I like to use transparent duct tape. When using this kind of tape I can't remember ever having a problem with the tapes popping loose later. Plus with transparent duct tape, if you're wearing a printed diaper, the design can still be seen through the tape, but with the holding power of duct tape.

    Just my idea on the matter.

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    the tapes are probably coming loose because the adhesive in the tape hasn't bonded with the diaper surface before you start moving around, easy trick for tapes is after you put the diaper on and have it where you want it rub the tapes with a finger for a few seconds each till they heat up and the adhesive bonds the tape and diaper surface together and you shouldn't have that issue.

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    I use the printed brand of Cuddlz, so far they haven't disappointed.

    Only once did the tapes fall off, and to be honest. I was pulling them quite a bit to make my diaper feel tighter.

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    A lot of people say cuddlz and bambinos are made on the same machine so I'll assume they're about the same.

    The tapes are only average, so you have to be more careful with them than with other diapers. Don't let anything like lotion get on the tape panel. Make sure your fingers are clean and dry and totally oil-free. If you've been applying hand lotion or diaper creme, wash your hands with soap and water to get all the oil off before you even handle your diaper. Baby powder can cause problems too but is less of an issue usually, it doesn't transfer around like oil.

    After you stick a tape to the panel, give it a firm rub for several seconds, to help the adhesive set on the tape panel. Bambino diapers have changed front panel types twice in the last year, the first was average, the second was crinkly and didn't stick as well, and the current gen is a much heavier, shiny plastic that the tapes stick better to, so I don't know what you've got there to work with.

    If you need to move a tape, do it as soon as possible, preferably while first putting on the diaper. Don't wait an hour and then try to move it. If you do, it's a lot more likely to pop off.

    The tapes themselves will also pull away from the back shell of the diaper over time if you tape on tightly.

    To prevent this slacking, I often take a 6" strip of duct tape ("grey tape" / "100mph tape") and split it lengthwise to get two 3/4" wide 6" long strips. I use those to overlap the tapes, so the duct tape reaches an inch or two past the end of the diaper tape on the front, and up onto the back of the diaper in the rear. That works great to stop tape-pop, and prevents the tapes from stretching away from the back. (which will loosen the fit, and later come off completely)

    If you don't like the looks of grey tape on your diaper, check the bigger hardware stores, they have colored duct tape, and you should be able to get it in white. DON'T use clear packing tape, (doesn't stay stuck down) masking tape, (breaks) or electrical tape. (stretches)

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