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    I was in a social diaper site and a Guy from my city just messaged me! I really want to.jump the gun and meet him but I'm waiting and talking to him on there instead. I've never had anyone in the same place as me! But.I don't know if it.would be weird since he's 28 and km 20. I'm way more immature than someone that age lol =)

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    Don't get your hopes up, make sure this person is legit, you dont want to be trolled by a fake. Also, don't base a friendship on abdl alone, because Ive jumped the gun on meeting 2 other Abdls only to find out that both of them were serious jerks and they were STRICTLY DL to the point where they HATED anything AB related, and im like 75% AB. I tried over and over to be friends with them for the fact that i had met another abdl in RL, but then i decided it wasnt worth it to be friends with a person who was a complete ass. But goodluck on your encounter

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    It's wonderful to be able to meet people and make new friends and ABDL friends are decidedly rarer. Try as best you can to insure that you're compatible as friends on at least some level aside from diapers. I'm a good ways older than 28 and I've got friends of a variety of ages. It's about personalities and interests rather than a specific number of years. It may not seem like it but you will have many opportunities to meet other ABDLs if you're really interested in doing so.

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    Thats cool, I'd just say take the usual precautions when meeting someone new for the first time (public place, tell someone where you've gone, have an excuse to leave if you're not happy, and so on).

    As Trevor and Crinkly already said, just because they're into abdl doesn't mean they're your kind of people, or even that they're nice people!

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    Most people above my post pretty much summed it up.

    First see how they are as a friend, then add in the diaper related stuff. An age gap of 8 years is really not that big of a thing to worry about. As long as both of you are sensible and mature I really don't see age as being too much of a factor within reason. Now, if one of you were under age and other was of age, then I could see a problem. I can tell you this, I wish I was in your situation as far as having someone close to my age and close enough to meet up with and possibly become friends! I envy you and wish you luck at the same time, LOL

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    Before meeting someone on the internet you should follow these rules:

    How to Safely Meet a Person You Met Online: 7 steps - wikiHow

    for the Paranoid:
    Pick something outside perhaps a park area or farmers market, wear sunglasses and a hat, and if you really want to be cautious park away from where your meeting and walk to it so they don't know what you drive and don't have any ID on you or credit cards.. etc. I am sure someone here can give you more advice on how to meet someone you never met.

    Of course the more you know about them the more trust you can place into the person and then make a judgement about something like a lunch date and/or movies.

    When I used dating sites, I would usually find out all I could about the other person and their interest before meeting irl. I would meet them in separate vehicles at a restaurant. (This makes me feel secure and the other person feel secure in knowing they can leave anytime from the place we are having lunch or dinner) If things go well there, then on next date maybe one car and 1 restaurant and back by a certain hour.

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