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Thread: Adoption as an option for AB/DLs....

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    Default Adoption as an option for AB/DLs....

    I guess this post has been prompted by what I saw of baby brett on the Dr. Phil show. The thought of being "adopted" is very interesting to me. Most of us have to find that interaction with our partner...male or female...straight or gay, bisexual...etc...anyways, my question is, can an AB be happy with a "daddy" if he is straight? Can a woman AB, be happy with a mommy if she is straight? I am worried that baby brett won't be happy with a daddy. Likewise can a lesbian AB be happy with a daddy? Can a gay male AB be happy with a "mommy"? (a biologicalwoman mommy, out of respect for the sissies in the group) I am just curious about how peoples AB needs interact with his or her self defined sexual orientations....thoughts?

    P.S. As for me, I am straight female and prefer a "daddy" as caretaker...

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    Well, in my personal opinion, I would not be happy with a Daddy, but not because I am straight, only because when i want someone to take care of me, im looking for that motherly feeling, not fatherly. Plus all my life ive fit in with women more than men because im more feminine and sensitive. Although I would have absolutely no problem with a male baby to play with or a male "big brother" or "Babysitter" despite preferring a girl to fill those spots, i can be just as happy with a guy expecting that they are not getting some type of sexual pleasure from it. Just not a daddy
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    It really depends on how sexual things are. I would ideally like a girlfriend who is an AB to be kind of a little sibling, but also a normal adult girlfriend at times. I would however also enjoy having a non AB couple act as caretakers for me and my hypothetical girlfriend. As for caretakers i could care less about sex or gender because I do not want anything sexual in nature with my caretakers. I think the biggest issue is finding people. Girls seem to be soo busy being chased by pervs they are nonexistent. Also a lot of little boys are looking for mommies. Those who want to be daddies seem kind of creeperish. I would not really mind switching roles between daddy/baby but a baby brother/ baby sister relationship seems more practical. It would be great and all to have a doting mommy but a little sister playmate might be better. Again I am frustrated because i don't know how to find a girl into this stuff. Everywere I have been to has been really creepy and I have been to terrified to even ask anyone. There needs to be an ABDL personals site with as stringent of modding as ADISC. I am so lonely . I am sure you all know what that is like. ADISC is great and all but some personal connection would be nice.

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    For me, I'd be too weirded out having a daddy or another male change my diapers. It's just too creepy for me since I am very straight. Sorry if that steps on toes around here but that's how I feel about it. Plus, most of my fantasies involve women or a mommy figure. I don't think I'll ever find anyone to baby me in my life but a daddy figure would just weird me out. I mean- I would LOVE to find a mommy but right now I don't think it's ever going to be in the cards in my life.

    I was flabbergasted to be honest last Friday when I saw Brett on Dr. Phil with that daddy and that Brett would let himself be babied by a guy. Then again, to each their own I guess. For me, I'd want a mommy.


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    i don't mind dikes, and i don't mind tom-boys. but i could never let a woman touch me. they remind me of my mother.
    we don't have a need to be diapered. that is just asking to repeat abuse. we have no need to be a baby again. that would suck a donkey-dick.
    we want daddy to play with us. we want to go everywhere daddy goes. we belong to daddy..... we are what daddy wants us to be...

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    I would much rather be alone than with another guy. I mean, if you are straight, and this hypothetical same-sex caretaker is as well, I'm pretty sure that that situation is not going to happen, anyway. Such an arrangement completely violates normal bounds of male friendship. It would instantly and permanently taint it, probably even if this person was ABDL. I don't know if this would be true for girls, they're freer with their bodies around their friends. Unless I had a romantic thing going with any prospective caretaker, male or female (and of course I'm pretty sure the former is not going to happen), I don't think I'd trust anyone enough to do it.

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    I think it depends on how comfortable you are with your sexuality, I for one know I'm straight and my best friend knows he's straight and we often get dressed in the same room because its not like we will purposely look at each others dicks but if we accidentally catch a glimpse we dont freak out because we both have them... Its not something new or disgusting... It takes a certain level of maturity and self confidence to accept this little fact. But that's just what I think :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrinklyAmk View Post
    if we accidentally catch a glimpse we dont freak out because we both have them
    This made me LOL for real!

    Now back to the original question. As an extremely straight female, I have no desire whatsoever for another female to see me naked...period. I think the last one to do so was probably my mother when I was in diapers as a pre-toddler!

    I've had a couple of online daddies, and an ab bf who sometimes would daddy me irl. I much prefer the male caretaker...but...that's just my preference.

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