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Thread: Diaper help - Always leaking

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    Default Diaper help - Always leaking

    Hey ya'll!! I hope you don't mind me asking about this... I'm still fairly new to diapers and I've not had a lot of experience with them except in the past couple of months.

    So, I am a 23yr old female... and I'm fairly curvy, but nothing extreme. I am a bit of a gusher... it all comes rushing out at once. EVERY diaper I've tried has leaked on me. I've tried all the "decent" ones you can buy in the store, and even bought some Tranquility ATN - and while they only leaked a tiny bit, they still leaked.

    I just want to be able to wet one good time and not have my diaper leak.

    Any suggestions... please?

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    Get some ultra thick diapers like Abena X-Plus, Molicare Super Plus, Dry 24/7 or Secure X-Plus. I have never tried these but I have heard they're great.
    Oh, and why does your age says 22 when its actually 23.
    You can fix that in the requests forum.

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    You can try adding a cloth stuffer this will absorb the urine quicker and pass it into the diaper.

    Something like a hand towel, and try pointing the lower tabs upwards and the top tabs down this will hold the diaper better.

    I had alot of problems with leaks you have to keep experimenting with the way you put the diaper on and stuffers, the more absorbant the better, I use microfiber towels, they work well for me in cheap diapers.

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    are they leaking because they are not absorbing fast enough, or because they are getting full? I'm certain its because they are not absorbing fast enough, so what if you tried something like plastic pants?

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    Thanks so much for the replies!

    I really don't know what the problem is. I pee a LOT, and I pee pretty quickly... so maybe a mixture of both?

    I think I'm gonna try a cloth stuffer next time, with a reg. stuffer and the diaper itself.

    Are the Dry 24/7 diapers the most absorbent you can buy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liz Lil Secret View Post
    Are the Dry 24/7 diapers the most absorbent you can buy?
    Most absorbent i've seen so maybe.

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    well I do not know about the cloth stuffers though I would say from being one to flood the trick is practice. Try to make your self empty out every hour or so. Not easy being that I have still not mastered it, though it is a start.

    As for the dry 24/7 I think they are the best you can get for the price. Though if you have any other questions you can contact me at tigersmoonva for yahoo if you like. I think you have been talking with Darkfinn before.

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    Honestly... the issue is more with your bladder than it is with your choice of diaper. There aren't many diapers that will do well when you flood.

    It's all a matter of getting used to using your diapers as opposed to using the toilet.

    We are trained from childhood to hold our urine for quite a while and then void it all at once in an acceptable location... to use diapers properly this training must be reversed.

    I suggest two things.

    #1: Better diapers. The store brand diapers available today are pretty much crap-o. Sitck to ordering online... something like Abena or Dry, even Secure or Tranquility if you want. These products will handle a lot more wettings than anything you can lay your hands on at the local CVS.

    #2: Learn to wet more often. Practice by drinking a lot... then try to go as much as you can... once an hour is a good starting point. Most diapers are designed for incontinent (IC) individuals who leak urine regularly in small spurts... so they don't always do well coping with large amounts over short periods. Eventually your bladder will get used to emptying with a lesser amount in it... and soon enough it will all become second nature.

    Remember... "diaper training" will take some time... just like potty training did. Be patient and consistant... you will see results soon enough.

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    Right... keep in mind adult incontinence products are (surprisingly, Gasp!) designed for people with incontinence.

    What that means is they are made to be wet in gradual, smaller amounts, not as one big flooding... or "gush". o_O

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