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Thread: What Kind of Bed?

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    Default What Kind of Bed?

    Just curious what kind of bed you sleep in, and what sort of bedding?

    I did have a single bed (which I was excited to get to save room) but it was extremely uncomfortable.

    Now I just have a plain ol' double bed with teddy bear sheets and like 5 blankets, and 2 throw blankets. The one blanket is my Winnie The Pooh throw that I've had since I was 10 (I think, or was it 12?). I also have 6 pillows and a breast feeding pillow that works good for my neck.

    I wouldn't mind having a daybed, which would look really pretty with a canopy, but they can be pricey, 'specially if I don't *need* it.

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    I got a standard twin size bed. Fairly new firm mattress with a memory foam thingamabob under my sheet. Two pillows, which are feather-based, 4 blankets, and a bunch of junk (during the day xD).

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    I have this type of bed...

    Oh also that cardboard box, it was a case of X-plus from XP and the black thing on my shorts is my PSP.

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    I have two king size matresses, then a matress from a fouton couch, with four or five foam inserts, then my bedsheets, then my military blanket, then a wolf fur blanket and then my big ol' comfy pillow.

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    I've got a pillow top Queen size bed... with a foam mattress topper, then a waterproof mattress pad. A sheet and a couple of blankets, and 4 pillows.

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    I have a wood bunk bed. It has a couple pads under the sheet because the matress is fairly old. The sheet is red, the main blanket is white, then there are a couple other smaller ones of varying color. I have two normal pillows, and a ton of books in and around my bed. I also have my DS and it's games, and my plushie friends.

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    I got a shitty bed.... It sleeps great for ME. But Reeks Because of sweat and Milk.

    I got what my parents say Is a Blue Bedspread But I say it is black. And a blue bed cover. With 2 black pillow and two purple ones.

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    Mine's a pretty standard full-size metal frame bed with a fairly inexpensive mattress and boxspring. I have a Target comforter that's cream-colored with purple flowers and patches on one side, and purple striped on the other. I love sheets -- I have four sets, one that's dark purple beech cotton from Bed Bath and Beyond, one set that came with the comforter, one pink and green striped set and one light blue organic cotton set. I bought the bed at a time when I was being pretty frugal, which is why it's not the greatest, but I'm hoping in the next year or so to get a queen sized bed with a nice wooden frame that has storage space in the bottom. I'm bummed about replacing all the sheets though.

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    Queen bed, fitted sheet over a waterproof cover, and a comforter to keep me warm!

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