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    We are planning on a weekend without the kiddo in the next few weeks. My problem is the wife is already said that I would be bound in some way the entire time. She wants to know what would be the or one of the best diapers for long term wear(6+ hours). She hates having to untie me just so I can go relieve myself. I found it by accident the other night but she has bought a large tube of Ben-gay so I already know the diaper wearing WILL NOT be for comfort this time. Please any help would be nice.

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    Dry 24/7 would last the longest, but there's really nothing you can get before the weekend if you don't already have it. Shipping usually takes a few days, and it's not available in stores.

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC! Glad you found us, and are willing to ask questions. However we have a few curiosities of our own, we would like to get to know you better. Could you tell us some more about about yourself? This is would be a great icebreaker!

    To answer your question, I would recommend a premium grade diaper that is usually only obtained from an online source. Since it sounds like this is an infrequent event, it sounds like you might want to go with a sample pack rather than ordering an entire pack or even a case of diapers. To that end, XPmedical sells some very good diapers and in sample packs. I would recommend the Abriform or Dry 24/7. Those should do the trick for 6 hours or so.

    again, welcome to ADISC and hope to see you around more.

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    The suggestions for premium diapers online are really the way to go longer term. For now, I think your best bet is likely to be Depends Fitted Maximum Protection or Depends Protection with Tabs (same product, just in name transition). You will absolutely want some kind of stuffer to put in this diaper as it is low capacity. If the place you buy them has absorbant pads, you can use those but even baby diapers will do the job to help bolster capacity. With some additional absorbant pads and holes poked in any backing they might have so that urine will flow through, you should be okay for a reasonable period. Better diapers are the answer for longer term wear, though.

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