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Thread: What Colour is your Room?

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    Default What Colour is your Room?

    Even if not your room, where you spend most of your time? I have heard that the color of your room (or where you spend most of your time) affects your mood. There are certain members that I imagine sitting in certain colored rooms just for that fact, heh.

    My room *was* hot pink and lime green... But I recently moved and now it's a boring beige and white. I still haven't decided on what color I'm going to paint it, just because I want something more mellow and less dramatic than the hot pink and lime green from before.

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    Dark Blue! It makes the room warmer during the winter (or a warm feeling), and makes it more cozy because a dark color makes the room seem smaller than it really is.

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    White And I hate it I liked my blue room But I think a soft pink would be nice.

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    My room is white and I don't think my dad would let me paint it anyway.

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    Green (bedroom), white with wood paneling (basement entertainment center), Wood paneling (Computer Den where I do things like post on this site).

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    Living Room is hunter green and caramel, the office is white.

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    Most of our house interior is an off-white shade. I spend much of my time during the day in the basement where my work computer is located. The wall color there? in silver backed insulation.


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    In my room I have two walls that are light blue and two walls that are dark blue.

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