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Thread: Greetings from an Aussie Fox

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    Default Greetings from an Aussie Fox

    Hi Guys. Its Paul_Fox here (formerly aninkster) to join everyone here now that the forums are back up and running. Since im new to this forum, let me share a bit about myself. I am 21, Male, from Australia. Before anyone asks... im Str8. I have been involved in the xB/DL lifestyle for many years (on and off due to living with parents most of that time). I was actually an OP on the very original TBDL IRC room on Undernet. I know not many people can remember it as it goes way back about 6 years now.

    My thoughts as of late however have been moving away form the xB/DL lifestyle. As the name suggests i am moving into the land of Furry. I do not consider myself a babyfur however. For many years ive been liking diapers and such so i intend to still have a presance here at ADISC (i was about to type TBDL)

    You will mostly find me more active in the IRC chat but i often will try to post on the forums as often as i can. Im normally pretty quiet though.

    I hope to see everyone on the forums or in the IRC.

    Merry Christmas!

    -Paul Fox

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    Yay! Uncle Paul's here! *Jumphugs*

    Humphrey Sez: "why did you change your name, uncle inkstair?"

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    Well Humph. i changed my name because it tells people more about me. My name is Paul and i am a Fox!

    *snugs humphrey and Kraiden*

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