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    Default Hey Hi Hello I guess or something

    Ok wow. Umm.. Yeah call me GoldTeeth. I'm in High School, I'm a cheerleader, I like big cars that go fast, and I'm just gonna have to cope with the fact that this DL stuff isn't gonna go away anytime soon, no matter how much I wish it would.

    I guess this is coming closer to "acceptance" because I made an account on this site, and maybe I'll post on it once or twice before I go on another 6 month purge! :)))

    Other than that, I'm not very smart, I like really ghetto music, and wow umm I don't know man I guess I fall into the DL catagory, maybe AB or *B I still don't know why you put a * instead of an A but it's like that sometimes.

    I won't tell anyone ever, I don't want to tell anyone, this is between you, me, and a google chrome incognito window.

    Ok yeah I'm done, I'm GoldTeeth, I'm a cheerleader and I guess occasionally I like diapers. Woo.

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    Acceptance of yourself is hard,
    I know this to be true,
    We welcome you with open arms,
    I'm writing this welcome poem for you.
    And stuff,
    I'm kinda tired,
    So, welcome and stuff.

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    Welcome! I can definitely get where you're coming from.
    Exploring this side of you is definitely a good thing

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