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Thread: Political attack ads... do they influence you or not?

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    Default Political attack ads... do they influence you or not?

    It's no secret I watch a lot of news channels and such during the day. Whilst watching all the news channels I see a lot of political attack ads from both sides of the coin- Democrat and Republican and I was wondering if anyone is REALLy influenced by them. Personally, I find the ads annoying and misleading a lot.

    Earlier today I saw five ads for Obama and another five for Mitt Romney. I know it will only get worse in the fall as the nominations are complete. Plus, I see ads for the local races too. In my area on my TV market I am constantly barraged with ads for Sherrod Brown and Josh Mandel who are compteting for a US Senate seat.

    I myself am not influenced by these ads but greatly annoyed by them. But there are people I know that ARE influenced by them because they're not willing to do their homework via the internet the way I am on the issues. I read on things. I study things cause I want to be informed.

    So- are you easily influenced by political attack ads, find them annoying or do you do your homework on the issues?

    Just kind of curious on this subject-


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    i don't pay any attention to any kind of political advert. besides them being political (and not dealing with any issues - apart from, 'he said, she said, so there, ner, ner-de-ner, ner'), they're pretty pointless. perhaps we should be bringing charges against those responsible for the waste of energy and the carbon-footprint?

    and anyway, as i live in Britain, i just go by a person's voice before anything: if they're not speaking my speak, they're not speaking to me or for me.

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    Yea, I hate 'em all equally. They don't care about us, they never think about the brothers and sisters (fathers and daughters) we lose in war. They don't care about the gangs, the ill, the depressed, what have you. I just don't get involved with any of the politics. It's sad I know. I believe there was a time when politics was for the people, and that time has come and gone. It should be illegal to make the attacks ad, but it's a money focused society--Not a decency focused one.

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    I really don't care about them really. Its just propaganda trying to convince the mindless public.

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    Unfortunately the mindless ones will be guided by these ads. I myself make my decision after doing homework on the issues and not letting myself be misled by ads. Like in 2004 when John Kerry was running against Bush and they had those Swift-boat ads attacking Kerry- I did my homework on the issue. I studied things online. If there's an issue, I study it.

    Being informed is the best way to be but many Americans unfortunately aren't willing to do the homework and inform themselves with the wealth of information that is out there on the internet.


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    after I see a ad and if I care about it's issue I'll go online and do some fact checking. I also pause it at the end to see what the major funding is paid from. Such as no on prop 29 here this primary season which s a 1.00 tax on cigarettes packs. The No on prop 29 ad's has major funding from two leading corporations of cigarettes make still.

    Now why would they not want a extra one dollar of tax on packs of cigarettes to help fund cancer research? HMMMMMMM, I wonder. ::rolls eyes::

    (I voted yes on it to raise the tax on buying packs of cigs. Vote by mail FTW.)

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    I don't pay a whole lot of attention. With enough research, you can dig up the sort of dirt that these campaign fund groups get a hold of easily, and you can doctor it up and make it fit whatever context you want it to fit just as easily. That's part of the nature of politics and politicians.

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    yeah, the few attack ads I see/hear since I threw out the boob tube 3 years ago actually tend to make me want to vote for the candidate they're attacking. (show negative imagery here , actual content doesn't really matter)"As [insert office name here],[insert candidates name here][voted/signed] for [insert hot button legislative/executive issue du jour here] [insert a rediculous number here] times, (more negative imagery) and [candidates sex here] voted [for/against] [similar hot button issue as well]. You don't like politicians who do this, do you?"

    (if ad is by a PAC - (truly rediculus negative imagery)"Call [candidates name] and tell them what you think. we don't need another [mildly derogatory adjective] in [office branch] do you?")

    (if ad is by opposing candidates campain, (positive imagery, American flags, moms, apple pie work great,an occasional amber wave of grain) - "Vote for [opposing candidate who is running attack ad], as a [government branch] outsider, he will clean up [government branch](while not actually stating their opinion on aforementioned attack)

    it is so damned formulaic

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    Politics is really a dirty game in a lot of ways now that I think about it. I have had issues with the ads cause they generally annoy me and I've gotten to the point where if I care about an issue I do my homework on it. I may still be plugged into the TV but I am not completely plugged into the matrix if you will... I make up my own mind.

    I hate how the ads make some people believe them and not think for themselves.


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