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Thread: Do we have a poop and pee fetish?

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    Default Do we have a poop and pee fetish?

    Ever since I have been on EP, I have been wondering if we are considered as having a poop or pee fetish since most of us like to wet our diapers and some of us even soil them.

    Would you say we do have one since we like doing it in our diapers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    Ever since I have been on EP, I have been wondering if we are considered as having a poop or pee fetish since most of us like to wet our diapers and some of us even soil them.

    Would you say we do have one since we like doing it in our diapers?
    You an me, yeah. I don't know about the rest of these droobs.

    I'm not sure that likeing to do it in your diaperr counts as as fetish in the sexual sense.
    It pretty much comes down to what you do next. I'd have to say that, for me it was unquestionalby a sexual fetish. But this has been changing as I wear more frequently. I even have this sense of being a good boy for not playing with it when I have a good messy diaper. I don't remember wanting to be a good boy.

    I'm in favor of fetishes and non-fetishes that bring joy and peace. Beats the hell out of the hollidaysl

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    I'm very sure that this has some sot of all in one fetish thing. Let's list them:

    Water sports (peeing in diapers, wetting self),
    Scat ((?) dumping in them, enema, other bum sex stuff),
    Plastic (diaper itself, water proof pants),
    Rubber (waterproof pants),
    BDSM (spanking, punishment, pacifier as a gag ball perhaps),

    Those are the top five I can think of. Sure not everyone is into all the them but having a think about it, they does seem to relate to each other.

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    Let's step back a minute and look at the word "fetish".

    What it really means is about ascribing some sort of mystical power to an object. Now a lot of people use fetish as a shorthand for sexual fetish - meaning specifically that they gain sexual arousal from such an object.

    The fetish side of *B/DL is, I think, more to do with things like nappies, plastic pants, bottles, baby clothing. Whether you can call power ascribed to an action (wetting, messing) a fetish is something I'm not entirely sure of - though I guess you could regard the consequences of that action (eg poo spread across your bum and nappy) as an object that becomes a fetish.

    The fact that a lot of people don't mess would therefore suggest that many *B/DLs do not have a "poop fetish". Furthermore, while I guess most DLs would fit the "pee fetish" category, I think that at least some ABs would regard the core of why they do things as a very specific form of submission - having your life run for you by Mummy or Nanny.



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    I think BabyArtie gets this right. There is an infinite variety of reasons why one (even a single one) loves wearing diapers. Perhaps some of us love diapers but not wearing them. Often what is the most important part for some of us, others find utterly disgusting.

    As I said in my first reply. There is no question that my original fetish was of a distinctly sexual nature. And that part continues. But it doesn't explain what happens to me, of a completely nonsexual nature, when I wear. It doesn't explain why I wear as much as possible. Why I sleep better in diapers. Why I work better in diapers. And why I like myself better in diapers. It doesn't explain why I'm sitting here in a massively messy diaper with no sexual engagement and no intention of doing anything of a sexual nature. I've got other things I have to attend to.

    It's a surprise for most to come here and realize that many others wouldn't even recognize our reasons for wearing diapers. It's even more of a surprise when you find that you don't even recognize some of your own reasons for wearing.

    It's an obsession, but only partly an obsession with external behavior. For me, anyway, it's an obsession with finding and understanding corners of myself that I never suspected were there. You won't find them if you don't look. And you won't find them if you listen to the voices in your head that tell you that you shouldn't go there.

    Enjoy everything you can.
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