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Thread: My story of buying girls goodnites at the store

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    Default My story of buying girls goodnites at the store

    Hi everyone,I discovered this website for the first time, a few days ago.I been a diaper lover,for as long as I could remember,because my parents would diaper me, because I wet the bed. My parents diapered me every night in baby diapers, every night until I was 6 years old.Which is the reason I believe, why I became a diaper lover.I have always loved diapers and always wanted to buy some walking down the diaper isles at the grocery store, but I didn't have the courage to buy them until i was like 19 ,which now I am 25.I have bought, boys good-nites most of the time and a few times I bought adult diapers.I remember the first time buying diapers were a pack of boys good-nites,which I was very nervous at the time to buy,because it was my first time buying diapers .After that i became used to buying diapers and didn't become as nervous buying them after that.

    A few days ago I needed diapers,So i decided to go on a diaper run to cvs.This time i wanted to try out the New girls good-nites,because I like the bulky padding in-between my legs better, because the boys version has the bulkness upfront instead of between your legs. I thought it would be thrilling because I had never bought girls good-nites before.If u think about it is kinda weird to buy bet-wetting diaper,when u look like your in early twenties,and buying the girls ones don't help the fact that people might think why the hell is buying that.Cvs didn't have any of the new girls good-nites in the xl-large size,which i later on noticed that newest generation of good-nites are 2 inch in size bigger,making them best fitting good-nites and they have more padding.I go to the grocery store across from cvs to buy some girls good-nites,I had just came from that store fifteen ago before i went to cvs,because i was grocery shopping.I decided to go back into the store to buy the girls good-nites.

    At the store I go straight for then diaper isle, then to the cash register, where I see this attractive 20-22 year old girl that checked out my groceries,before I went to cvs.I walk to up to her checkout, because it was the only checkout open, because it was early in the morning.I walk up to checkout with pink girls good-nites and place them on the counter.She looks at me kinda weird smiling with the "wtf " look.Then after that she rings it up, she says " you don't want to forget these". Then i gave her the money and I put the diapers in the bag myself.I try grabbing the bag from the metal bars, but the bag got stuck on the metal bar that holds the bags.So the cashier helped me break the bag loose,making it more embarrasing.but i stayed calm and confident.She then looks at me weird,and says thank you smiling.I think she was confused.

    I get home with the diapers and I notice the ones I bought weren't the old ones and were smaller.So the next day later I went to different grocery store during middle of day,where there lots more people in the store.I went to diaper isle and grabbed a mega pack of girls goodnites and brought them to the checkout lane. A girl about my age bagged the girls good-nites,as a older lady rang me up.Nobody said anything this time.It was even more embarassing because more people were in the store than last time,but it was fun.

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    I like that story. Its funny because i bought girls goodnites for the first time today just to try them and honestly i think the look cute. i lay here now typing this in a girls goodnite. Of course i ripped off that stupid cotton stuff so i can have a more plastic diaper feel and plus it brings out the color more too

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    So I'm confused... are the new Goodnites 2 inches bigger or are they smaller?

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    they are bigger about 1 and 1/2 to 2 inch longer and i think the waist is little bigger.I compared the package of the old girls version to the new version girls good-nites side by side and the newer one is taller by far.I also rip the cloth off the diaper,its even easier to tear it off on the new good-nites.The new good-nites fit perfect compared to the old ones and i weigh 160 pounds and have a 31 inch waist.the whole diaper is also bigger,plus more padding and they swell more too.Girls are better than boys one, I have both though

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