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Thread: Hi *waves to everyone*

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    Red face Hi *waves to everyone*

    Hi ya'll! How are you?? I'm Liz... I've been signed up here for awhile, but haven't posted any yet. I took a hiatus to do a little soul searching - find out where I belong exactly in all of this.

    I'm AB/DL - my boyfriend and I are both switches. AB play is only a small part of our relationship though. We both really love being grown up, and have completely discovered our AB sides together.

    I have been on several other message boards and sites in the past couple of months, looking mostly. I've been put off so much by the vulgarity and the crassness on so many. There are some amazing people there, you just have to dig for them. I just wanted to say how impressed I have been by what I've seen here so far. You guys really seem to respect one another at a basic level that I don't see in some other places, and I like that.

    I really look forward to learning and growing with you guys - I feel so new at all of this, I feel like there's so much I can learn here.

    Bless you all!


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    Why hello there and welcome to adisc i hope to see you posting around. ^_^
    can we get to know a little more about yourself hobbies , interest and such?

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    Hey person, not too many new faces these days(a month), yea, so hey.
    :P Don't be afraid to speak out...

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    Hi there... glad to see you made it over here from DiaperSpace! There are several of us North Carolinians on here... it's nice of you to join the ranks. There's plenty of good info and advice... and lots of very plesant and informative people around... I hope you enjoy your time here!

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    Welcome to the site. Indeed this site is much less crude than most similar sites, which was certainly an attractive feature for me too. I think this is largely due to the fact that most of the people here are still in their teens, but also because we stress the communal aspect of the forum. There are a lot of nice people around here, so you shouldn't have any problems making friends.

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    wow i wish my first post was as detailed as yours! welcome

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    Hey, Welcome to the site!
    Enjoy yourself, A ton of nice people on this site

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