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Thread: My ideal diaper

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    Default My ideal diaper

    No one seems to make my kind of diaper anymore. Looking for a diaper with plastic outer shell, high waist with elastic (fits like a girdle), large gathers in the crotch but small elastic leggings to keep everything in.

    Ideal prototype would be the original astronaut diaper

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    Descriptive, Just give me cute prints, absorbancy, and a noticeable crinkly sound.

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    What tall 2826 said, but extra thick and high-riding as well. Discreetness is not key, I don't plan on public wearing anyways.

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    How does everyone feel about both the Tranquility ATN brief and the Abena m4. Both have plastic shells and both are very absorbent. I love the Tranquility brief for under my work clothes during the day there is no need to wear a long shirt. And when out of work clothes the abena m4 is the best diaper for the money. Just my 2cents

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    ddmont, i think youd be pleased with the Abena M4s They are AMAZING and are pretty close to your description!

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    I'm definitely looking for cute prints, a snug fit, and enough support/absorbency that it's functional if/when I want to use it.

    Some of the images posted in this thread:
    were really awesome looking.


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    - Cute all over print
    - Waistband front and back
    - Nice babyish smell
    - One tape per side
    - Resealable tabs
    - Leg gathers
    - About bellisimo thickness

    Don't care if its plastic or cloth backed if it has all the above

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