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Thread: A couple hundred years ago.

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    Default A couple hundred years ago.

    So, this thread will likely be based mostly on opinion, but the question makes me curious.

    Do you suppose that the tenancy towards Ab/Dl'sm is more of a relatively recent development, or that it would have been just as common (in relation to our current numbers) back a few hundred years ago, even though they would have had much less communications.

    If not, what do you think struck the beginnings of infantilism?

    If so, what is your reasoning, or evidence that infantilism has been around for a long time?


    I'm going to go with that it is a recent development due to the increase in media. Adults can find enjoyment out of shows like productions from Disney, and our society has been more careful about judging others (again, relatively). I think that the society we have now has made room for our lifestyle to become.

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    I have wondered this for a very long time! As there was little communication, I think its safe to day that ab/dl is a fairly newer thing. Maybe developed in the 1900s?

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    I believe a thread like this has come up before, But I for one am always interested in reading through them. So, therefore, I will partake. But, I do not have tme to write my theories at this moment so I will check back later. Peace.


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    Naw, I suspect it has been around for quite a long time, I suspect much more closeted in the past tho. there are occasional references...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bebehuey View Post
    there are occasional references...

    I don't know how long it's been around, but I do know that I wouldn't be involved if it were not for the internet, as that is how I learned about infantilism and all it's many and varied nuances! Of course, there are those who say they thought they were the "only one" until they found the obviously it has existed since before the days of home computers. I expect that enterprising individuals could have probably found others with the same interests through magazines and such before the www-craze. But then again, many people probably thought they were 'the only one' and never bothered looking for like-minded individuals.

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    What a fantastic question! I'm not sure about 100+ years ago but I know I've heard of it being around as far back as the 1920's. I imagine marginalized activities and lifestyles SEEM more prevalent now simply because (western) society has become much more accepting. When my dad was in college being gay was classified in the DSM as being a mental disorder and look at how far society has come today. I'm sure the threat of ridicule kept all kinds of unconventional preferences and people silent 100+ years ago.

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    Since it's a psychological anomaly, I'm sure it's been around for many hundred's of years. Even in the movie, "The Madness of King George", they have him in a diaper. He peed blue from a disease. I was a TB long before there was the internet. Even before there were diapers, I'll bet there were water sports. Man is pretty predictable in his behavior.

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    I think being human begs the need to have an explanation for everything. Can't it be natural to want to regress? A LOT of people regress, we as a community just tend to enjoy regressing further... Scientifically speaking even animals regress to when they were small.. Why don't we have an explanation for that? I think infantilism is just another word for "extreme regression" because everyone regresses at some point.

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    I think it's been noted early as 1905. I wonder if anyone actually used their diapers then? I am sure they did. I am sure there were adult diapers then. I wonder what people did for incontinence back in the days? But I bet I would not be using diapers back in the days because I am not sure how well they absorbed or if your clothes got all wet. I don't know if they had plastic pants back in the days or rubber pants. I am sure it has always been around where people wanted to regress and be treated like they are young how babies were treated long before diapers were invented. But were people more in the closet then because there were no ads then or magazines or internet? So they would have to live with their fantasies and not ever do it.

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    Could it possibly be the invention of rubber pants and later plastic pants, then plastic backed disposables that started it off or started an explosion in numbers of *BDL's? These 'second skin' materials have greatly increased the pleasure for many of us on the mainly DL side.

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