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Thread: Attends or Depends?

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    Default Attends or Depends?

    So here I am in my last Depends Fitted Max Protection and in need of a new pack of diapers. As of now I've bought 3 packs of them to date and I'm not dissatisfied since they seem to do the job for now but I'm wondering if Attends might be a good choice to switch it up maybe?

    Down at the local Pharmacist shop they carry, I believe, Attends Extended Wear or Attends Briefs Waistband style. I can either go for one of those or stick with what I usually go for.

    My question is should I bother? I think the Attends packages are a bit bigger so I might not be able to put them in my backpack after I buy them in the store and I'm not sure if either of those are an improvement over Depends.

    I'm gonna head out in a few hours either way so... any comments pls?

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    Try the attends. After that you will be dissatisfied with the depends.

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    Yes I would give the attends a try, just to let you know there may be something better for you, and if don't like them you can always use them as stuffers, no great loss of money involved.

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    I say Attends though I never tried that type. Anyways if they aren't that great you don't have to buy them again.

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    These things are personal, so no one can really tell you what's the best diaper. I haven't used Attends in a long time because I don't see them around anymore. The last time I had access to them, their quality had slipped below Depends as far as I was concerned. Now I'm using ones that I find better than either, but if I happened across another pack of Attends, I'd likely give them a try just out of curiosity.

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    The attends should be a bit better than the depends if they are the extended wear or the waistband style. I recently got a pack, but they are the "breathables" and I am not impressed with them. However I have used other attends in the past and they are definitely better than depends.

    I would give them a try, they won't be any worse than what you currently have and hey, you might end up liking them better.

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    I say go for the Attends. I use the waistband ones, and they are quite comfy and fit well, but they tend to clump up and sag when wet, so if you intend to heavily wet them without changing for a good while, I say you're still better off than with depends.

    As for transporting them, if you're walking, just ask or bring a paper grocery style bag and carry it home upside down.and getting it in, just wait for the oppurtune moment to get them in.

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    Definately go with the Attends. Not 100% sure what kind i use are, but there pretty good, and relatively cheap. However, it was a rough transition from a Molicare Super Plus...

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    I would definitely go with the Attends. The Depends product was never any good to begin with, and they have declined significantly in quality over the last 10 years. While Attends have been reduced in thickness, they have not suffered as much for quality as Kimberly Clark's offering. If you can stand the micro-pore liner of the Attends and don't mind a cloth-like outer backing, then the Extended Wear would be a good choice. Otherwise, the waistband style with three tapes on each side may work out best.


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    Although I have never tried the Attends myself, I have heard that they are similar to Tranquility ATNs, which I use on a regular basis. So, I recommend the Attends.

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