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Thread: Anyone ever wish they can escape adulthood?

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    Default Anyone ever wish they can escape adulthood?

    Sometimes I wish I could be a kid again because I didn't have to pay bills or have to work to keep a roof over my head. Things were easier and less stressful then. But yet I don't want to be a kid again because I had less freedom and I wouldn't be able to wear diapers if I were a kid again. As an adult I do have more freedom and I can make my own choices like using the money I earn to buy myself diapers and wear them and my parents can't stop me. But what they can do instead is not want to be around me or not want me around if I have one on or not want to live with me or not want it in their house but they don't do any of this so I'm lucky.

    So in ways things are easier as an adult because my childhood was harder in ways due to school and the homework and the teasing and bullying, the meanness. But yet I still wish I could escape adulthood and be a kid again where I wouldn't have to worry about the finances and working and raising my child and having to remember my son's appointments or having to deal with phones and people and more of that will come in the future and solving problems he be having and I struggle with what to feed him because I am not good with figuring out what to feed him and what to feed myself. My husband always has to help me out and he can't most of the time because of his feet. But he is still a healthy boy.

    But my husband handles the finances now so I wouldn't have to worry about money anymore but it still stresses me out sometimes because of the obsessive thinking I have. But diapers help me feel calmer and happier and I feel my feelings more.

    I am sure most of us here want to escape adulthood at times because we wear diapers and most of us here are also infanilists or have childish interests.

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    god yes, like every day, I wish I was about 10 years old again, my only worries were 'whats for dinner', 'what's my bedtime' and lego

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    I see your point, and I find myself wishing I were a child again sometimes. But I find myself wishing that I wasn't an AB, and that I was a real adult. I accept my ABism, but life would be easier without it.

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    im a child stuk in a big body D:

    Yes I feel like this a lot. I hate being big sometimes..and sometimes im totally okay with it...
    Its wierd.

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    Yes and no.

    I don't exactly enjoy paying bills or going to work. And I miss living a life where things like that were just taken care of, and I never had to worry about them.

    But we also spend too much time focusing on the downsides of being an adult. Why can't we talk about the totally bitchin' parts too? A month ago, I totally decided at 10PM that I wanted to make a grandiose breakfast for dinner. So I went to the supermarket, bought some ingredients, came home, and made steak, eggs, bacon, biscuits, and french toast. Finished around 2AM. Then me and my fiancee ate while watching Little Shop of Horrors. If I was a kid, I'd be eating what my Mom made for dinner and going to bed at 9PM.

    Long term goals are also a consideration. I have a life goal of owning a Boston Whaler. As a kid, this is a dream. As an adult, this is a lifelong goal I can accrue progress toward.

    Also, sex. Sexy sexy sexsex.

    I miss the upsides of being a kid. But the downsides of being an adult don't even compare to the upsides.

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    Short answer to this: yes and no.

    I actually love being an adult and having control over what I do with my life. Sure, stress, dealing with school and finances, and people can be quite a hassle. But even then, I feel like, as an adult, I can appreciate myself more for who I am. I get to make life choices that I otherwise would not be able to make as a child, and with that control comes an endearing sense of living up to your own identity and structuring your life the way you want it.

    I think the beauty of childhood comes from the idea of no-worry or little stress. The arbitrary things in life matter, and there's generally nothing to think about other than playing and having fun. I feel like, as adults, we lose touch with that side of ourselves with all our responsibilities and whatnot. There's a beauty in being able to see life through a difference lens: being able to take time to realize that life is more than just bills and academia. So in that regard, I do sometimes like the idea of childhood, but I honestly wouldn't trade my adulthood for it.

    I think an important part of this is to remember the beauties of being an adult and to use our own freedom to reflect on what it was like to be a child. There's a beauty in memory and reflection; if we do it often enough, we can remember that the wonders of childhood never escape us (only take a different form).


    Edit: I'm looking at this now a couple hours later, and I realize how complicated my answer was. Woah nelly. So here's a picture detailing how I really feel about this subject:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Absolutely! Being a kid was nice because you don't have to face the worse realities of life. Mostly I want to be a kid again so I can have a second chance to fix all the mistakes I made. Now that I am an adult I have huge regrets about certain things. I feel like my adult life would be far better if I had majored in a science instead of English. If I was a kid again I would have a clean slate and a chance to not screw things up for myself.

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    It's nice to think about, but then I remember being a kid and wanting nothing more than to grow up and do all the "adult stuff".

    Funny how time passes by the slowest when we're little and just want to hurry up and get older, but once we finally do and we start to wish things would slow down, that's when life starts flying by.

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    At 17 I'm some where in between being a kid and an adult and I have absolutely no desire to go back to being a kid again. People often look at childhood through rosetinted glasses but it is far from care free. I was bullied every day at school and my parents would fight almost every night at home as well as being involved in a school system that left me behind.

    Now as I become and adult I need to worry about money and work but I also gain a great amount of freedom. I can eat what I want, drive what I want and live where I want.

    I know what I written is very bias and there are some sweet things about being a kid but I do not want to relive childhood.

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    I think it would be interesting to take a study of how different age groups in the AB community feel about desires to be a kid again. Then to add to it, ask the question again in ten years.

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