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    So I was planning in moving to an apartment with 1-2 friends. But i don't know what I would do about my diapers and all that. If I decided to wet one, how would I sneak it out to throw it away etc..

    Is it even a good idea to bring that stuff when I move out? Thanks.

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    For $30 you can get a large heavy duty storage box and a pad lock, keep all said supplies inside box and keep locked and put in your closet. As for disposing of the evidence, wrap it in some wal mart bags and take out to the dumpster, if need be collect some other random garbage to put inside the bag as well.

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    Hi LittleJustin,

    No, you do not have to give this part of your life up because you're living with roommates. I would encourage you to look at this article on the site about hiding diapers; you might find some useful information in it that pertains to your situation (here's the link).

    Also, I can relate to this as well. I live in a house with 30 other people (yikes!), so I definitely have had to figure out a way how to handle this situation. Here are some things that have definitely helped for me.

    1) Choose an effective hiding spot for your stash

    My stash is kept in a bag inside a box covered in clothes in a cupboard in my room (a little complicated wording, but it works quite efficiently). Do not keep in places that your roommates would look (like the bathroom, etc.). Common sense will get you far on this one.

    2) Be discreet.

    If you're discreet, you have far less of a chance of getting caught. What has helped me immensely is knowing people's schedules. Maybe ask your roommates to post their schedules up on the refrigerator or somewhere in the apartment (and you could do the same as well). This has really worked well for me and roommates; they have a general idea of where I'm going to be during the day, and vice versa. By knowing their schedules, you can plan accordingly.

    Part of being discreet is also showing respect. You don't want to go out in the middle of the living room and dump a giant load. If you keep your stuff to yourself, not only will your roommates probably not find out but you will also be respecting your roommate's space.

    3) Effective Disposal

    I would look at this article (link here) that has a good portion about disposal. Again, it's all about being discrete.

    TL;DR: yes, you can effectively indulge in this part of your life even when you're living with roommates. Just remember to be discrete and respectful of your roommates, and you'll be good to go.

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    If you're planning to aquire and use them when sharing a house, then I have a couple of suggestions that may help. If you are bringing a computer, then you can likely store your stash in the box that the monitor or tower came in and then stow it under your bed. I use the box from an airsoft gun to store them and my parents are none the wiser. Secondly, if you are planning to wet them, then as others have suggested buy diaper/nappy sacks put the used diaper in them and then double bag them in shopping bags. (I use dog poo bags as we have a dog but it works the same) So when shopping use as many plastic bags as you can. Thirdly for discreet disposal, use your book bag to transport the bagged up diaper to a public trash container, casually dispose of it and walk on.

    Good Luck

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    Just dispose of them like you would if you were back home with your parents, it is exactly the same principle of bag them well and dispose of them ASAP. TBH no one really cares what you're throwing away because garbage is just garbage and nothing interesting unless you were doing it every day perhaps in which case it would seem suspicious. Same with packages, maybe an initial inquiry as to what you got but no one cares after 5 minutes, your mates are often a lot less nosey than your parents about this stuff.

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    I was worried that I'd have to leave all my plushies and AB stuff at home when I moved in with my current roommate, but so far everything's been good. He has the downstairs part of the house and I have the upstairs part, and he literally never comes up here. I'll admit I've gotten lazy about putting all my stuff away at times, but as far as I know he hasn't found out yet. If he has, he hasn't said anything about it. As long as you don't make it totally obvious to your roommate(s), they probably will never notice.

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