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    Hi guys,

    so one of my goals for a while has been to run a marathon. I've altered that slightly to finish a marathon. I don't want to run in a record time or come first I just want to complete a marathon! Anywhodles, I have today decided that I am going to complete a marathon and have signed up for one in early 2013.

    I am wondering if anyone else has ever ran a marathon? Do you have any tips?

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    I have run a few and they are a lot of fun. I want to break three hours this year. My best advice is to just have fun with it. Always be sure to enjoy what your doing and not get to caught up in training.

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    I too have always wanted to run a marathon, and I have been training really hard over the past couple years running-wise. This year I think I am probably in good enough shape to give it a go, so when summer comes around, I'm going for it.

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