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Thread: Depends Improved Maybe?

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    Default Depends Improved Maybe?

    Hey everyone,

    I just noticed right now when I opened up a new pack of depends briefs, the tape style ones, that I think they changed the waist band. The last pack I had, which wasn't long ago, I probably bought my last pack maybe 2 weeks ago before this pack, the older ones seemed to have a light green elastic waist band. In this pack they appear to be white and seem to be a bit more stretchy and seem to give a better fit.

    Anyone else notice this?

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    Yes you may just have got some old stock, or a pack was on the back of the shelf and moved to the front.

    I was told at one of the diaper sites that depends were new and improved, this was a while back, so I went and got some, I think the only thing they improved was the package itself, because the diaper were the same old leaky depends inside.

    I should have tossed the diapers and wore the package, I think it would have leaked less.

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    Older stock, seemingly the only thing i dont like is the tapes come unstuck quite a bit.

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    Could be, but both packs are in the green package, not the old red and white one package. If these are the older ones, I like them better. I know depends aren't great, but with a boost liner, they are tolerable.

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    madmike, I will agree with you, using a boost liner in depends make them o.k. for short periods of time. If I wet my Dry 24/7 to much, I will wear a depend with a booster for a couple of hours then put on a new Dry 24/7 for night.

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    The tapes comming unstuck used to be a big problem for me, on almost any diaper, except secure X+, so I just started putting a peice of duct tape over the tapes once I got them where I wanted them.

    I just used about a peice about 3" and made sure I caught the rear flap and over the tape, to spread out the contact point, it works great, there is no readjusting but once you figure out just how tight to make it your fine, the diaper will rip when you take it off but who cares when your done with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ballucanb View Post
    I should have tossed the diapers and wore the package, I think it would have leaked less.

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    I just looked on their website, and I think they did... The product picture showed it in white with a purple wetness indicator as opposed to the blue.

    DEPEND - Product Information - DEPEND Fitted Maximum Protection

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    Hmmm, the wetness indicator on the ones I got don't look like they've changed, they're still blue, just the waistband is different. Maybe I got some sort of odd stock, though they all seem to have the improved waistband.

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