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    Hey all. I posted last week about telling my boyfriend, how all is great now, but I do have a question. I want to experience everything with him to my baby side since hes giving me 100% freedom. Wetting has become easy, & but I find messing more difficult.

    Any tips everybody? I wanted to experience that last weekend, but I'm finding it difficult.

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    I did not start to mess until after I got married. This was not ideal and I started off hiding and then going to the shower right after the accident. She knew that I had dirty pants but I tried to let her come to me instead of showing off my dirty britches. Maybe if you start off being the scared baby who has just had a big accident that will help you to gauge his reaction to the situation. I hope that makes sense. After many months of being discreet about it she started be silly with me and make me feel like it was no big deal. It has become normal now but I do think a fast introduction to messing would have been a mistake. I wish you much happiness in life and love.

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    No, I don't think you understand, I explained in a previous topic but didn't here, thats my fault. He doesn't mind, he actually enjoys the daddy role & encourages me to use my diapers as intended (wetting & messing). My issue is just the messing part, I want to, but its just more difficult for me then wetting, wetting my diapers I can do basically on command, thats easy, its messing them that Im having a hard time with. He wants me to mess if the urge is there, but even then I can't seem to go.

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    Ok, deep breath in, slowly release it, as you release the breath feel your muscles relax, just relax and let it happen... Eventually when it starts to come out you may need to squat a little and push

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    ...I think you should take a laxative...good luck!

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    Some may suggest sitting on a toilet at first to trick your mind and after a while you may be able to easily do it elsewhere. It seems to make it easier for a fair amount of members.

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    If all else fails try using the toilet method, if it still doesn't work try just loosen up your diaper a little to give yourself enough room to get started and then take it home from there , Best of luck


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