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Thread: Hard to open up?

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    Default Hard to open up?

    It just feels hard to open up about my DL side, even on here given all this privacy and anonymity. Should I try harder? Just say fuck it? Does anyone else have similar feelings?

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    You don't gotta share anything but that which you want to... Chill out man, just share what you want, comment on what you want, and so long as you don't tick off the wrong people, then say what you want. I used to feel I had to confess everything, but then I got over it... It's just a feeling, you're not alone in this.

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    I dont have good advice for what to say coming out about it,
    I do think it is really strange felling and hard to tell ppl about it.
    More so for ones who is not into any of this, of for those you are unsure how they will take it.

    In my opinion if there not going to be around to really see it I say no need to tell them
    about it, unless you really want to.
    If in a relation ship it going to have to come up before long.

    You are not the only one who has a hard time in trying to tell ppl.

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    In general, you'll be able to get more help for yourself the more you interact with the community. I think just reading posts can be quite helpful but it's the sharing that really takes it to the next level. I never thought I'd get the first twenty posts to make it to what is now EC and now I have this stupid number of posts. I even make threads now and again. You may find it's less scary to post in the forums that aren't diaper related and just get your feet wet. All you can really do is take it at your own pace. Hope to hear more from you

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