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    Well I wish this was just a nightmare but no.... See when I was in 7th grade sooooo like... 13 I had the worst day of my life let me tell you. See I use to wet the bed and it was really bad I still do wet the bed but only about once a month. So you see around 8 my mother god bless her, decide she had had enough of the the bed wetting thing so I was off to the doc... As I'm sure you know they run some pretty bad tests on you and well they just said I have a small/weak bladder and will most likely continue to wet the bed ect.. Well they also had to write up a IEP for me that stated that if I ask to go the bathroom I have to go now because it was urgent 5 mins ago and cannot wait 5 more. Well one day day I think it was right after X-Mas break I had a Sub in for my regular teacher who went away for x-Mas and would not be back for another few days. Well I was sitting in class and had to go the bathroom and I guess someone didn't give the sub the memo and she told me I had to wait till class is over, class had just started 3 mins ago and I had about a hour left, well about 20 minutes later I could not hold it anymore and I pissed myself in class! It was the worst I ran out crying which I even then never did and went into the bathroom into a stall and (don't mock me) had a smoke it help calm me down I was soooo scared to leave that stall and have everyone see me it was so scary so I sat there and smoked til some kid came in and told me I had to go to the nurse so I walked down in shame with all the kids looking out of the class pointing and laughing they didn't even give me a towel to cover my self, so I walked down to the office and just to rub it in my a$$-hole (pardon my mock swear) of a head-teacher came in and yelled at ME for being un-clean and how discussing that was and all this junk I wanted to rip his face off but felt so... Helpless I just sat there and took it in my wet pants waiting for my mum to come get me she was at work so about 20 mins later she showed up and took me home. Now the worst part, the next day I begged her to switch school but she told me to stop being silly, there was one catch and trust me this is 100% true (sadly) she made me where my "Nighttime pants" under my jeans incase it happens again so picture this I was 13 going to school the day after I wet my pants infront of everyone whereing a diaper well in case you couldn't guess I got bullied to hell I only had to where the diaper for 3 days (the rest of the week) but it was hell and I truly wanted to blow my brains out and I was going to I had a revolver my dad gave me before he left and I had ammo so I was going to but obviously I didn't becuse at that time I was hell bent on blowing HIS brains out with that gun but I got of topic. I just wanted to share the worst week of my life

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    dude im sorry i dont feel your pain exactly but i know what its like to be bullied (not to sound rude) but its not worth thinking about killing yourself ive wanted to kill myself a couple of times but i didnt let it get to me and know i pretty much know everyone in school like a friend again im sorry for that but know you can talk it out to people that will understand you so know you have a bunch of friends so please dont ever think about killing youself again please you know have friend

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    Sounds like one hell of a nightmare to me, sounds like everyone in the world is against you. For some reason it just seems kinda sketchy to me because of the teachers' behavior toward you...

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    @Miracole I know it was a different time and in the country we didn't have a lot of teachers he did lose his job after this due to his behavior

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    It was texas people who dosent have a gun or two? And my mom was a wreck after dad left and didn't give a rats a$$ what I did so I got involved in some punk and smoked what's the big deal

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    sorry not making a big deal about it, just a bit surprised to see someone already smoking in gradeschool, I didn't expect that to happen before highschool.

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    Sadly, I started smoking when I was 8 years old. It was a small bay side community of houses with few kids my age to play with. In order to hang with the older kids, I had to smoke so I wouldn't rat them out, or so they said. That was the world's weirdest community. I write about it in "Werewolf". One time I and three other kids about my age were playing in the woods. Suddenly, two of the kids whipped out their wieners and started to pee on each other and then turned their attention to me and my friend. The longer you live, the more crazy stuff you experience.

    I never wet myself in school, but it was every kid's worse nightmare, because there but for the grace of God may go you or I, and kids are merciless, even though they know it could be them. Sometimes life sucks big time.

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    man sorry that happened. True how kids can be heartless little bastards (sorry, but no other word would have worked.)

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