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Thread: would you rather have a onesie or footy pjs

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    Default would you rather have a onesie or footy pjs

    i myself would rather have footies because i think they would be more comfortable and diapers would probably not be so tight when wet

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    for me i have both. for summer warm months a onsie the winter months a footie sleeper .

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    that makes sence but im a guy and onesies wouldnt sound so comfortable

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    Onesies are perfect for age regression but footies are just SO comfortable (I have both). It's a hard choice, but I elect for footies.

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    im a guy too. sadly but they are more comfortable than you thinkjust allow extra room for your padding. see my profile.: sissy:

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    i still think it would be a hard choice but id have to go with footies

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    I have both and love both.
    Depending on material there made of they can be really warm in the summer.

    I love my footies and onsies are very comfortable as long as its not cold.
    You can get one that has a little extra room if worried about the diaper.

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    oh i just always thought they had to be a little tight but i guess i was wrong

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    No not at all.
    Some ppl like them tight, but its best to get what you feel comfortable with.
    Nothing about the AB/DL thing is set in stone.

    If you want to get more things, just get what is comfortable for you and things and styles you want.
    If there is some things you dont want you dont have to get em to fit in.

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    Probably footies since I'm not a very adventurous baby and don't currently have bulky enough diapers that I require a onsie.

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