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Thread: what is better and which do you like the most

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    Default what is better and which do you like the most

    which is better pacifier or thumb i myself have always prefered my thumb because i never got to liking pacifiers my parents said but if i could try a pacifier i would. but i dont have any right know

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    I prefer pacifiers. My nails hurt my tongue when I try to suck my thumb.

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    i always bite my nails so i dont get that problem

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    I always prefered a paci.
    Tho if there to small there not as good.

    As for my thumb to me it just feels uncomfy, but I known ppl who like it
    so as long as you like it then its good. :3

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    I like both..I cant choose :O..
    but because my teeth are kinda sensitive...meaning that Ive had braces and problems with an overbite in my childhoood...
    I think a paci is safest because I have orthodontic nuk 5..
    but i find myself with my thumb in my mouth a lot too.

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    I've never really gotten into sucking my thumb. I do every long once in awhile, but I prefer a paci.

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    I prefer my paci due largely to the fact that my teeth tend to scratch and cut up my thumb, especially when I'm asleep.

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    I prefer pacifiers :3 I was never a thumb sucker as a kid and I like doing my nails often so it just wouldn't work out~!

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    I definitely prefer one of my binkys but I'll use my thumb every once in a while too. Lightly biting onto my thumb is actually one of my concentration habits lol

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