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    Default 'very' odd dream

    Have been getting back into Adisc after a while concentrating on real-life, so thought I might say about an odd dream I had on friday - god only knows what it means about my subconcious!

    I was walking down a grassy country lane (reminded me of one that ran past my primary school), nice summers day and as I come round the bend, there is a man looking like he's just off the streets (unshaven, ragged clothes etc) standing behind several fold out wooden tables that are covered in packs of nappies, all of size 5+ to adult.

    The man says nothing, just stares at me as I pass by and run my hands along the stall, I may have picked a pack up, but it gets fuzzy there.

    Anyway there you have it, odd dream or what? Especially as I usually forget my dreams shortly after waking up, this one has just stayed there.

    Would be interested to find out what you guys think of it, what it could mean...

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    Doesnt have to mean anything, most dreams don't have any real meaning as dreams are just thoughts gathered by our subconscious. You could dream about something from last night or something from 20 years ago. It could just mean that you subconsciously want an easier or simpler way to buy diapers :p

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    that is pretty wierd but i can top it so during christmas break not this year but the past year we went to my mom moms house to spend christmas and i went to bed one night and i had to dreams the first one was

    i was in the city of new york and everybody had a sawn off double barrel shot gun and we just started to shoot people i hit a guy and left two big wound in is chest then i got home and was wacthing the news and they said Mark Martin (race car driver if you didnt know) had gotten shot in is torso that had split his body in half then i woke up

    the second one was minutes later where i was in a desert with a bunch of tree stumps where i had seen stinkbugs but they had the head of a crocodile

    i forgot to mention that there was a third one which was the wierdest

    so i was in front of charlies thrift way (grocery store near me) and me and my family were there and we were fighting ninja monkeies and we won

    i have no clue what my brain was doing when i had those dreams

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    sounds like the start of a good story in the stories forum

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    My belief is that dreams are the brain's way of processing recent thoughts, whether conscious or subconscious. All it means, IMO, is that you've been thinking about diapers.

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    Sometimes when I put one on for the night I get dreams about them. For instance last night I put on a belissimo and I had probably 8 different dreams about getting caught in public worst few dreams ever

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    You should try lucid dreaming. It gets pretty intense, though I've never done it myself.. kinda..
    I've only ever "broken the 4th wall" of my dream by acknowledging that it was a dream and yelling at myself to wake up.

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    I can usually tell when I'm dreaming, because either I can float, or I notice that cause and effect are no longer related. With the latter I don't tend to realize it is a dream, but I do things I'd never do otherwise.(Unfortunately most of them are X-rated. I hate being a teen)

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    The best thing about interpreting dreams is that you can find the story that feels best (as in goodest) to you and it's bound to be the right one.

    So I like the idea that the old man was you in a later life. The tattered clothes signify being ancient and well-worn in the sense of having accumulated lots of experience rather than being destitute. (We all get raggedy eventually.) You were telling yourself to live where you are comfortable if you can. You possibly swiping one was you today saying, "I'm not sure I can, but I want to."

    If you don't like that one, find a better one.

    (Pardon my indulging off topic.)
    I have lucid dreams nearly always. I don't know how to do it. It started happening for me as a child as a way of handling nightmares. If you don't know you're dreaming, it's not a lucid dream. And don't believe the bit about being unable to read. I test this all the time, whether I intend to or not, and I'm always able to read. Sometimes it's even funny. (An important point, because it's only funny if it's a surprise to you.) Of course, you can always check whether the little top is still spinning.
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    I find that whenever I dream about nappies it usually means that I need to visit the powder room strangely enough.

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