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    Ok so I just want to know what everyone thinks about the worst pacis. For me it's either the playtex one with the flat nipple or the soothie. To me they are both too small and uncomfortable, besides being some of the cutest binkys on the planet. So those are the ones I dislike, what do you hate?

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    I hate to be a jerk about it, but imagine I had the voice of El Duce while saying this, "Anything that doesn't fill my mouth".

    Haha I know how that sounds but a pacifier just *has* to fill your mouth up more or less if you want it to soothe you... To suck down on a binky made for toddlers, while truly regressive, is just bizarre as you round your lips to just keep it in your mouth. And you wake w/ jaw-ache the next morning.

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    I agree with you about the Playtex ones. Even their bigger sizes are tiny, and newborn passies just don't cut it for us! The soothie pacifiers are also pretty bad - they're too big at the base, making them super hard to keep in your mouth. I personally don't like Nuks either - the shield is just way too small and orthodontic passies are shaped all wrong. Mams, Avents, and Tommee Tippees are my favorites for their big shields and big, comfortably symmetrical nipples.

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    The only ones that I always dislike are gumdrop/soothie pacifiers. They're just shaped all wrong and are way way way too small to be comfortable. I flip back and forth on what lacks feel best to me. Some days I can only have a paci like an Avent or MAM with the symmetrical nipple and somedays I will only take a shaped nipple like a NUK or Playtex Ortho-Pro. It just really depends *shrugs*

    I don't know what Playtex one you guys are talking about. I only only have their Ortho-Pro for older babies. It's the one with the kinda triangular shaped slanted orthodontic nipple with the kink in the neck. But I definitely agree with the "I don't like it if te too small" thing.

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