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Thread: craigslist deal

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    Default craigslist deal

    Craigslist is awesome :D i got five packs of underwear haha one of which happened to be some abena m2 air plus which still had a couple of them left. The rest were mckesson stay dry ultras. They arent bad the have leg cuffs inside so i just add an insert and its super discreet which i need for the summer haha. He also snuck in two m4's, which made me wonder if he was a dl or ab cause he was like 20 something. Did i mention i got it all for fifteen bucks and a twenty minute drive haha.

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    I got a case of 96 medium kendall simplicity 3D for 20 dollars, and a 15 min drive lol, it was great.

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    I think I'd be a little nervous meeting with a stranger I met off craig's list to buy diapers from. that'd seem worse than in a store? (and certainly less safe)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    I think I'd be a little nervous meeting with a stranger I met off craig's list to buy diapers from. that'd seem worse than in a store? (and certainly less safe)
    Same here... if they'd just mail it to me I'd be alright with doing it (and of course I'd be willing to cover the shipping), but I'd be too nervous to meet somebody in person over a deal like that.

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    A number of murders have been linked to Craig's list encounters, so please be very careful. I believe Craig's List has the worst reputation for that sort of thing.

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    I always go with a friend and agree up meet in a well lit, populated area, but for something like diapers I doubt anyone is out to kill you lol, hardly, especially since its not a highly desired item.

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    Well i am a frequent craigslist user and i have learned about some of the sick people one there. This is why everytime i meet somebody it is in a highly populated area. I dont care if i am getting diapers or a lawn mower. I say either meet me publicly or find some other idiot to meet you in privacy

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    Yeah i always meet in a public area for small stuff like guitars and electronics. With the exception of cars and big items. Ive bought many cars in private at the owners house. But i got a great deal. The two m4s i got werent the only ones i also got two new packages of m4's today for 20 bucks and two more stay dry ultras from the same person. Im happy i asked haha i thought it was ganna be weird. But i got a great deal and only 35 spent :]
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    I bought 11 packs of goodnites off of there for 90 Bucks, 232 Goodnites I think it ended up being, I was super nervous to meet the person but it sure looked awesome in my truck that many. then i remembered i had to get them in my house somehow, pulled in my driveway turned out no one was home.

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    Thats a good deal and super lucky to get home when nobody else is haha. I had to use a duffle bag to bring them in haha. I was kinda nervous too and i was sweating when i bought them. Luckily it was hot so it didnt look like i was nervous at all.

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