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Thread: Evolving, sissy style?

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    Default Evolving, sissy style?

    So this is weird, for me I used to get turned on by just wearing a diaper. But now, it's all weird because for me I love the idea of putting on a frilly dress, with a thick diaper underneath!

    So did I evolve or something? Lol, it's kind of weird, and recently I've been very into pink tights, and things of that nature.

    If anyone has experienced anything like this happen to them please comment!

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    Nope - there's nothing at all weird about this. My experience starts in a different place to yours - the thing I've always fixated on is sitting on the potty - but there were very few people out there who did that. The nearest thing I found was the AB scene, and I started to discover things that I liked as I went along (and in the process I discovered people who understood my thing about the potty too). I never originally intended to wear nappies, but in time I discovered that I rather liked the sensation.

    The magic word to explain what's happening is play. You begin by experiencing one thing, then you see someone doing it a little differently. You try the different thing out and discover you like it, and the next time you do it you integrate it into your game.

    This is one of the truly great things about being AB - like a real child, you are discovering new things all the time and trying new experiences. But because it is a game, you can put it to one side. I know people who in "real life" are straight, conventional folk, but who are able to lose their inhibitions when they play as ABs.

    Play is an underappreciated concept: we should do it more often.



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    I went from pads for men to diapers then to cloth diapers with regular covers and the occasional hello kitty one to satin frilly covers then to panties, and now all out sissy with bra's dress skirts the works including a bobb style wig.
    that was my evolution into sissy, so not weird just more fun to explore congratulations Ch3stersGhost, or should I say Raichia.

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    No not wierd at all I love to wear diapers under skirts with frilly panties over them, it's all personal preference.

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