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    Hi all!

    I decided to join because I've been interested in diapers, more as an adult baby, for quite some time. Like many here, I'm quite shy about the whole thing. I've finally gotten over my nerves and ordered some decent ones (Abena). Apart from this, I've just graduated HS. I plan to attend school this fall, majoring in English. Until the time I go away to school, my life is rather boring. However, I enjoy reading, watching television, traveling, and simply talking (both a blessing, but more a curse). I'm glad to find ADISC. It's comforting to find others. This, I'm sure, is quite stereotypical. But, I would just like to join this community for information about this and just to be part of a group.

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    I swear you are my twin or something XD. I turn 18 in 8 days but we have similar interests and the same situation for just talking. I am also going to college in the fall and will be bored till then and we both live in central U.S. great intro

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    Thanks! I'm from Kansas, so a little ways away from where you are.

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    Welcome, Retro. Very nice intro to pique our interest. As a soon to be English major, I imagine you read a lot! Do you have a particular area or Author of interest? And, regarding you AB interest, how long has that been there and what got you interested? Don't be shy, you are very much not alone here (run on sentence).

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    I do read quite a bit. My favorite authors include Vonnegut, Orwell, Hemingway, Huxley, and Salinger. Obviously, the fairly contemporary British and American authors. I do enjoy Shakespeare and poetry by authors such as Whitman, Keats, and Byron.
    I've been interested in AB for some time now. As with many, I discovered such resources as this site. I'm not really sure what got my interested; certainly not one particular event. I just began experiment with diapers and the careless feeling they provide.

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