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Thread: exhaust vs. xl bees

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    Default exhaust vs. xl bees

    I didnt know where to put this so i put it in off topic. So i dont know if i should get the new xl bees. Or if i should get my new exhaust welded onto my volvo wagon. So i know they both cost money, but i dont which to get first. The exhaust i can get put on tomorrow but i also wanted to get the case of xl bees for a 100 and something. So its either an exhaust or diapys, which should i get?

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    If you need an exhaust, be responcible and get it. If they are both luxury items, I'd get something like Unique Wellness, or Dry 24/7s.

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    I thought this thread was going to be about using your car exhaust and a hose to direct fumes at a hive to kill a bunch of over-sized bees.

    i feel so disappointed now

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    @khaymen i already have my exhaust i just need to get it welded on. And i also have unique wellness. I ordered a case awhile back and only used half a pack. I still have two unopened packs and half an open pack. I think ill just get it welded today and get my case of bellisimos next week. @StefenHasDiapees lmao xD i can imagine it now. Id be like die bees >:D then id run away being chased by bees D:< lol

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