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Thread: Hobbies?

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    Default Hobbies?

    So i see a lot of intros where people dont talk much about their hobbies and such. what do you like to do other that diaper stuff ADISC. Personally i work on small engines and produce videos of all sorts. I also like video games and i do a lot of extreme sports like dirtbiking, scuba diving, soon to be skydiving and snowboarding and offroading. Enough about me though lets hear about you ADISC

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    We do...its just you got to know where to look.

    Im just a kid just graduated from high school back in March...

    Im a really serious Pokemon fan[been a fan for 13 years] that enjoys riding his moped everywhere,I also work on computers and make them run better then they ever could,I also hang out with my friends,work and help people with their yard problms,and being out in nature and loving animals because im around them everyday...

    My DL side is just a small thing that added to this list of things that I do.

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    Motocross and fishing are probably my two favorite hobbies. During the spring/summer if I'm not at work I'm usually doing one of those two things. Other than that I enjoy riding street bikes, snowmobiling, bowling, shooting pool, working on computers, and playing poker.
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    the pokemon trading card game and crafting things usually take up most of my spare time now days. I legit didn't see any of my friends for 2 weeks while i made my deadmau5 head... got little too involved with it lol. I like cooking, trips to the mountains, D&D, hanging out with friends and aquariums too.
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    Been into foreign languages for *years*, w/ French being my best at non-native fluency and Spanish coming in at a not-too-distant second. I've gotten into jogging and physical fitness just a little bit, mainly to combat my other hobby of eating too much tasty food :X other then that I hang out w/ some friends, read books, browse the net...

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    i used to collect any type of frogs ecept alive and i used to collect macth box and hot wheels and any time i see a scale size of a real car i try to buy that car

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    As a kid, I collected stamps and coins. Then I started building an H.O. train layout. I even built my cars our of wood. I still have all these things. As an adult, I have built furniture and clocks. Now I've turned to writing, both as a hobby and to make money.

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    Yowza where to start...

    DIY I've self taught computer repair, auto repair, small engine repair. I've been taught by my dad pretty much all home maintenance: installing plumbing, roofing, wiring, tiling, ect.

    Booze: Mixology, tasting.

    Outdoors: Fishing, free running, swimming, camping, ect.

    Whole bunch more, but yeah.

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    I used to code often, but my interest in that has since waned. I would say my number one hobby is bowling now. I have also dabbled a bit in music production, and I have started to take up drawing (for realz this time).

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    Out doors I like to hunt as well as fishing.

    Indoors I like home audio and collecting vinyl.

    In the shed I try and do as much wood work as I can.

    Out and about I love driving. About 20 minutes away from my house is an epic drive that snakes over a big hill with a 100 km/ph speed limit and there is nothing more fun than driving over it in a peppy car with a manual gearbox.

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