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Thread: Toonami is back!

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    Default Toonami is back!

    Toonami returns

    That's right Toonami, the greatest anime block in the history of television is back on 5.26.12!

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    Hell fxcking yes i watched the preview on a saturday night a couple of weeks ago and was delighted to see it again i missed toonami so damn much<3

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    IT'S SO AWESOME I'M GONNA DIE!!! My quality of life just improved by at least 20%. I was so pissed when it went off the air, and Miguzi just sucked.

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    Awesome! Does anyone know what the programing block will be or any info on it yet?

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    I hate to push everyones buttons but uh I checked the schedule on their websites and my TV sorry to say this but Adult Swim played everyone like fools it's not real even so anime does come on Saturdays. I checked schedules on both Cartoon Network's official website and Adult Swims website their is no schedule featuring Toonami.

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    I really loved Toonami back in the day, and I'm glad they decided to reboot because man, big nostalgia feels here. However, I'm rather disappointed they didn't decide to reboot the lineup. Oh boy yet more re-runs of a show they played at the same time for a little more than a decade, or other shows for a little over half a decade even without the Toonami name. Cowboy Bebop complete collection runs 20 bucks now :/ *pops it in*

    As far as Bleach is concerned watch on Hulu...skip the Bount arc straight to the Arrancar arc, then skip the filler episodes, then skip the awkward transition episodes for the next 80 episodes watching where they actually fight and develop that deus ex machina plot some more.

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    I was gonna post about this too
    I am so frickin excited
    I hear that they aren't releasing the real program guide until Saturday... That's why your cable box guide and cartoon networks site are all different, everything is just placeholders until they unveil the new shows...

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    I think this calls for the ultimate form of celebration...

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    Thank the lord.
    Toonami was seriously the BEST THING CARTOON NETWORK HAD. I was so mad when it went off the air. I just tuned in one day and all of a sudden after the last show they did this whole bit where they were like "this is the last toonami." I wanted to break something.
    I'm so happy now though. :3

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