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Thread: Ordering diapers?

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    Default Ordering diapers?

    So I recently ordered diapers from two desperate Internet sites. The first order was from bambino diapers I ordered two bags and I know they are shipped discretly. The second order I placed was from and I have no idea what to expect. So my question is does anyone know what I should expect from there shipping as far as the box it comes in? Also I got a bag of m4's for 20 bucks no tax or shipping so I thought that was a deal. Let me know if you think that's paying to much please and thank you!

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    "Desperate internet sites"?

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    Oops auto correct separate was what I was trying to type. iPhone Keybord can make things difficult sometimes sorry!

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    Expect a brown box from fed ex or ups, that's pretty much it, nj markings on the box or anything

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    You meant it about the iPhone keyboard! "thank you do much"

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    I think cases from may come in marked factory packaging, but in my experience bags ares shipped in plain boxes marked only "".

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    I finally received them and it was all groovy just said but you can literally order anything from there, so there will be no pesky neighbors in my business! Thanks for your help though!

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    Its hard to be perfect when on the go using the easy to use "iPhone keyboard" but dredfull at best! By the way, I did not get the best grades in my high school grammar classes and I am sure it shows. Try to hang in there with me I will try my best.

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