I wanted to try something different tonight do I grabbed a Bambino Quatro Booster, strategically placed it in a GoodNite and slipped it on. I have to say that this is amazing! I really want a pullup style diaper that I can actually use... but since I can't find any, this works just as well. The shape was still preserved (not much overlap from the booster), I can flood it without leaks and it holds quite a bit. I will be going to sleep soon and I hope it holds up all night.

Since, so far, it has been holding up I 'stuffed' the remainder of my GoodNites and repackaged them... and only three will fit in the bag after they are prepared... I am planning on ordering some more Quatro boosters and will go out to get some more GoodNites later this week. Does anyone know of any pullup style diapers that are larger than a GoodNite; either made for ABDLs or not? Though this is a nice change I would like one made for my size.