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Thread: Too Hot for Diapers

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    Default Too Hot for Diapers

    Next month I am going to "Alive" festivle which is a five day long event with multiple Christian concerts and such, and you camp out there. I am rather concerned about the avaiblity of restrooms there....when I looked at the map of the campgrounds I only saw about three restrooms for the whole place. I have a very weak bladder than only can hold it about an hour, two at the most, and the last thing I want to be doing on this trip is running to the bathroom every five minuets. There arent very many, meaning I'll have to leave a concert or event, walk all the way there, probably stand in a huge line to go, and then walk all the way back. Do you think it would be worth it to wear diapers? I know it will be hot, do you think the heat makes diapers unbearable? I wouldnt know as I usually wear at home. Also, with the lack of restrooms would changing be hard? I just worry about accidents and dont want my bladder to ruin my fun. Do you think I should wear here?

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    Yeah sounds like it i love christian music

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    If you really think it'll be a problem then you could always opt for pull-ups.

    Less heat as a result while still being a form of protection as a kind of "just in case" sort of thing. No one will notice at a concert.

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    Hey TeddyBearGirl,

    I think you should definitely go for it and wear a diaper, don't let accidents worry you, focus on having fun at the concerts! I can 100% guarantee that no one will ever be able to notice at a concert! Too crowded and everyone is looking at the band, not people's butt's. :P

    I think Z3R0 is right, too. A Huggies Pull-Up would be the most suitable nappy for your case. It's thin, discrete, comfy and perfect for accidents or about one full bladder. Then you'll have to change it. Pull-Ups won't really cope with more than one full wetting. The next level up would be either a Huggies DryNite or GoodNite (depending on where you live). They're just about as discrete as a Pull-Up and from personal experience they'll cope with two reasonable wettings.

    Hope this helps! Good luck and have fun!

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    i would just go with the goodnites/drynites. diapers wouldnt get noticed but you have to change eventually..and at a festival a wet diaper on a hot day may get uncomfortable... pullups or goodnites would make it easier to change... bring a pack or two and see how it goes... my experience of festivals and similar events is that there is usally enough toilets...

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    I agree I think pull-ups would be most comfortable in the heat, and they're quicker to change. The only catch is, unless you're wearing a skirt or dress you have to take off your shoes and trousers to put on a new one, which I find horrible in public restrooms. Can you change in your tent, or will you be sharing with someone? If you decide to get tape-on diapers I think cloth-backed ones will be cooler than plastic. Either way, a pair of tight-fitting boxer-briefs over the top will help keep everything snug and prevent sagging and leaking.

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    The only catch is, unless you're wearing a skirt or dress you have to take off your shoes and trousers to put on a new one, which I find horrible in public restrooms.
    not if she tears the sides of them... which isnt hard to do with goodnites. :3

    Diapers or no diapers, i hope you have a blast at the festival either way! it sounds like it would be a really good time!

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    Call alive and ask, or send them an email.

    I have been to the large out door country concerts and they have porta johns everywhere, they may not know our list the places that they have like 3 or 4 grouped, just where they have 50 of them.

    and yes I have worn to the large outdoor concerts, it was only 3 days. Lots of powder

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    as long as you dress to try to keep cool (shorts t shirt)a tape on diaper with some baby powder will probably work .yeah it'll be warm but at least you wont have wet pants from leaks.

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    It might get a little warm, but I wouldn't think it'd be unbearable.

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