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Thread: I've done waaaay too many of these

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    Default I've done waaaay too many of these I am once again making one of these threads. I've been to several forums related to this .. I don't like using the word fetish, because it reminds me of witch-doctoring and such, even though the word is pronounced differently in that context.

    Anyway, I've been to other places and they kind of bored/annoyed me, or they weren't what I was looking for. I think. I'm still fuzzy on that.

    About me! I've been officially AB for about..threeish years more or less. But only been part of 'The Community' (sounds sinister) for just over a year. I wear diapers on a regular enough basis and have a few other simple baby items for those really stressful days. Other than that, I enjoy hiking, video games and writing, although I really slack off when it comes to writing. As in I've never actually finished something I've started. Ever.

    Uhhh... since I know SOMEONE is going to ask (yes, you) I first got into ABism when my best friend bribed me to dress as a baby a few years ago for Halloween. Since she believes in being thorough, she got me in a diaper, but it was worn under my pajamas. Since then, the whole diaper thing grew on me.

    I guess I'll keep it brief and end it here. Anything else you wanna know, just ask!

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    Great introduction and welcome to the site . Hopefully this community won't "bore/annoy" you
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    Yes welcome, and I'll say the same thing, that I hope we are a diversified site, enough that you will be intellectually stimulated to enjoy the topics and contribute. I wrote poetry when I was in college, but once graduated, all creative writing stopped. When I joined ADISC, I started writing again, first, silly little stories to answer threads, and then a novel, which I'm still working on. I have three short stories posted on this site, the last one entitled, "Coffee Stop". I also have a published short story on Nook Books, and it's been holding a four star rating. This summer I will be lecturing a college writing class, all because of writing. The power of this site is amazing.

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    Hiya Reiyuki! I too have done a few of these before. You're name suggests that you might be an anime fan. I'm one as well. As a video game enthusiast, I would like to know which games you like. As for me Final Fantasy 6, 7, and 8 along with Xenogears are some of my favorites.

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    To Frank: Thanks for the welcome. I hope so too. :3

    To Dogboy: Thank you. Writing for me is mostly just a hobby. I don't think it'll ever go beyond that as I'm pretty happy where I am with my career (store manager). Maybe I'll get to doing one that's AB related, but..from what I've seen those are fairly difficult to do well.

    To Selphie: Actually, I don't watch a lot of anime, I can count the number I've watched fully on two hands. 'Raiyuki' is just the only semi-original name I've ever come up with. xD As for games, I play any that catch my interest, but my two favorites are Illusion of Gaia, and the first Silent Hill.

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