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Thread: Medium nappy suppliers In Australia.

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    Default Medium nappy suppliers In Australia.

    Hey guys,
    Just looking for some sites that sell medium nappies in Australia. I normally use Molicare super soft but looking to change things up. I know a mob in tassy sell cushies but I'm a bit hesitant. Has any one ever bought the blue ones off eBay? Was keen to try bambino but there been taken off.


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    if you are looking to buy the medium nappies i would recommend to go to independence australia (just google them and pop onto their website) as you can order abenas and other types (including molicare if i remember correctly) and they will ship them free of charge if you order from the website. Otherwise, if you want to try something a bit different, i know you can preorder the wellness briefs from physiosupplies (again, just google it) as well as the abenas. Physiosupplies is great to also get some plastic pants with some cute prints as well. So check those out and see how you go.

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    The other place is Vic health in Dandenong.
    They sell Abena, molicare etc and will deliver or you can pick up.
    Victoria Healthcare Melbourne | Disposable Incontinence Products

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    Cheers for that guys! Need to arrange my next lot before my butt gets too cold in winter. Im keen to try the abenas.

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